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    Question Lesion removal

    Quick question..does a lesion removal require and E&M visit??
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    Wiki Co-96

    Hi, We have a few claims who denied payment because of reason code CO-96 (Non covered charges ) from Primary as well as Secondary insurance. Can we bill this to patient? Please advise. Jay
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    Prolonged time spent with pt and family in hospital

    Our docs see their patients when admitted to the hospital. I work for a family practice clinic. My doctor saw the pt in the hospital and I am billing a 99233 for the subsequent hospital visit. My doc said she spent 2 1/2 hours counseling pt and family. What is the right CPT to use for the...
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    Can I bill for an OV and hospital on the same day?

    Pt is Medicare. She was seen in the office on 1-5-10 for a follow up on HTN. Later the same day she was admitted to the hopital for a completely un-related issue from her appintment earlier in the day. Is there a appropriate modifier I can use to bill the office visit and the hospital????
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    Wiki New coding alerts

    Is there a web site (or maybe this one) that I can suscribe to, so when changes are made to cpt codes or icd-9 codes I will get an email. I always feel like I am out of the loop. Thank you.
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    Infected Tattoo??

    A patient was seen for a tattoo that got infected. The doctor has cellulitis, infected tattoo and allergic reaction to the dye as the dx. What do I do with this? Do I need to do a date of injury? Do I need to code it as a chemical reaction to a dye? I was thinking to just code it with the dx of...