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    Office-Based Anesthesia Billing

    Hello! I have a few anesthesiologists who provide services in an office environment (no facility claim being submitted). Our understanding is that we may submit additional CPTs (aside from the base + time) codes for consideration. Who is billing the following and what are you including /...
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    Zilretta Billing

    Hey, guys! We will soon start using Zilretta in our office but have run into a big of a puzzle. We were told to bill it under CPT J3490, Unclassified Drugs, and to put the information about the drug in box 19. In the past, we have not had any luck with this code and many of the larger payers...
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    J1094 & j3490

    I have a rheumatologist who is billing for J1094. I know this code is not payable anymore per the Medicare Fee Schedule, and per previous form posts I billed J3490. Medicare is denying the J3490 stating the code is not valid for these date of service. They are all dates of service for the end of...