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    Question x-ray needle confirmation joint injection

    my provider started doing something new - he's using a portable x-ray machine to confirm needle placement for a therapeutic joint injection. (Not fluoroscopy, not ultrasound guidance) would the proper way to report be, for example: 20610-rt 73560-rt? Thank you!
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    Synvisc Bilateral Injections

    I am in Texas and I have billed a joint injection to medicare as 20610 1 unit but I double the price with a 50 modifer and J7325 32 units with dx: M17.0 on both CPT codes and I keep getting denials stating not medically necessary. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Provider injected...

    Question Sacrococcygeal injection

    Using fluoro, my doc injected the sacrococcygeal joint with depomedrol/marcaine/contrast and wants to bill 20605. However, this cpt requires RT/LT. Any advice? This is for coccyx pain. TIA!
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    If you are doing 2 procedures for injections, a lumbar epidural steroid injection and a right hip joint injection, (62323 and 20610) can you charge the fluoroscopic guidance (77002) for the hip injection? Since fluoroscopic guidance is included in 62323, would it be appropriate to charge the...
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    20610 - I need some expert advice

    I need some expert advice on coding arthrocentesis and joint injection. A Medicare patient presents with an ear problem and knee pain. The physician addresses the ear problem then decides to drain fluid from the knee and inject it with Kenalog. My question is can he bill for the...