laryngeal cleft

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    Wiki Please Help! CPT code for injection of laryngeal cleft

    I was wondering if any one knows if there is a new CPT code that could be used for a injection of the laryngeal cleft. The most recent info I can find on it is back from 2020/2021. With it being the new year I was hoping maybe there has been a change but I can't find any updates. From my...
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    Wiki Laryngeal cleft repair with injection

    The doctor performed a laryngeal cleft repair with prolaryn plus. I originally was thinking cpt code 31571 or 31574. But those codes mention injection in the vocal cords and I can't find another code that is maybe closer. Does anyone have an idea if those codes are appropriate or if there is a...
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    Wiki laryngeal cleft repair with CO2 laser

    What would be the appropriate CPT for laryngeal cleft repair by CO2 laser?