locum tenens

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    Question Locum Tenens Billing

    The physician that I work for is wanting to bring someone to the practice on a trial basis and is looking to bill for these services. I do see articles posted that state you can bill to Medicare with the Q6 modifier, but to me it looks like you can bill for the services if the locum tenen was...
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    Locum Guidelines

    Our office is looking into using Locums to cover leaves and I have a few questions I'm having trouble finding answers to. 1. Does the Locum have to start within a certain time frame of the provider leaving? 2. Can Locums be used when a provider retires? 3. Can a Locum supervise a Non-Physician...
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    locum tenem doctor

    Hi, Do a locum tenens doctor need to be credentialed if the practice bill under the rendering provider NPI? Thanks, Tawanna
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    Billing NP Incident to a Locum Tenens Physician

    Knowing that the Locum Tenens provision does not apply to mid-levels, does anyone have an answer for the following scenario? Practice with 2 physicians, 1 NP, 1 PA. Currently bill NP and PA charges as "Incident to" the physician in the office at time or service. One physician is leaving...