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    Wiki wound care denial

    I am coding for wound care and my doctor does a lot of surgical debridement. Since ICD-10 became effective the dx code S89.81X_ is not on the list of medical necessity for debridement. This code if for a trauma wound of the lower leg (other specified injuries of the right lower leg). I use the...
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    Wiki q7, q8, q9 modifiers......

    i am second guessing myself and just need some reasurrance as to what mod you would add to this: i am saying Q9. thoughts anyone?! this is a podiatry exam with a systemic disease. Vascular: dorsalis pedis pulses were ¼ equal and symmetrical bilateral. Posterior tibial pulse was nonpalpable...
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    Wiki Strain upper back

    Does any one know the ICD-10 Code for "upper back strain" (thoracic area)? I see one for cervical area and lower back. Thank you!
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    Wiki coding

    we billed these codes for angiography and the 36247 was denied by BCBS stating Experimental/Investigational. Corporate Medical policy 6.01.15 intravascular brachytherapy. We just did an angiography. Are there code changes? Any help will be appreciated INDICATION: Intermittent claudication, left...
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    Wiki Lower Endoscopic Ultrasound and Anorectal manometry

    Kindly help me to check if these codes are correct. The procedure done on an Outpatient Basis in the Hospital: The radial echoendoscope was advanced with ease to the rectum. EUS Findings: The internal anal sphincter demonstrated anterior thinning with mild posterior hypertrophy. The external...
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    Wiki Cpt 95863

    Please see the example below. I'm trying to figure out if this would be 3 extremities - Upper, Lower and Trunk (since the rectus abdominis muscle doesn't fall under either upper or lower extremity). Would you use cpt 95863 in this situation? Thanks in advance for your help. Spontaneous...
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    Wiki Coding help with trigger points

    Hello my fellow members. Question for you....im wondering how you would code this? Trying to get some feed back on a few things to iron some things out-TY in advance!>>>> Patient presents with pain and spasms in the bilateral cervical regions, with associated tenderness radiating to the lower...
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    Wiki ???

    I seen this on one of my clinic charts and I'm stump... Chronic Neuropathy from cervical spine Injury w/ lower back pain-previous injury 2010 pt reports screws placed.