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I am coding for wound care and my doctor does a lot of surgical debridement. Since ICD-10 became effective the dx code S89.81X_ is not on the list of medical necessity for debridement. This code if for a trauma wound of the lower leg (other specified injuries of the right lower leg). I use the LCD list for Arizona L34199. On this list, the covered codes go from injuries of the knee to injuries of the ankle, but skip over the lower leg altogether (shin, calf, other specified site of lower leg, etc).

Is anyone else coding for wound debridements getting edits for medical necessity for this and does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these wound debridements to pass through medical necessity? There is no other code I can find to go with the doctor's documentation.

Thank you
I code for wound care facility. We are getting the edits as well. Our consultants were not able to help with this. We are hoping that re submitting the denials and possibly challenging them we will be able to get this code back on the list. It seems to be a mistake.