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    Wiki Post Op Wound

    If the patient's incision develops a wound postoperatively (90-day global) and comes into the office weekly for wound care, can we bill for the debridement? Or is this considered part of the global package? Even though it's a complication and requires the patient to come in more frequently than...
  2. C

    Wiki Wound

    Hi I can't seem to find a guideline on how to code 'wound on abdomen" this is in the RFV and all the specificity I have no quering. Will this go to Open? Thank you
  3. K

    Wiki Bullous pemphigoid Home Health ICD 10 coding ??? HELP!!!!!

    I have a patient admitted from the hospital to home health and I am having difficulty coding the wounds for Bullous pemphigoid. I have the diagnosis for L12.0 Bullous pemphigoid.... I have the Z48.00, however, I am unsure about each wound ICD 10 code. I know they are autoimmune blisters that...
  4. A

    Wiki Wound Vac Question

    Can someone please advise if there is a separate code for DME Wound Vac Dressing Change or is it the 97605/97606? I thought this was only for the application of the wound vac or is the wound vac removed/applied for each dressing change? Thank you in advance.
  5. N

    Wiki Polymerase chain reaction - coding help 87801

    Hello, Looking for any guidance on coding for PCR. Specifically what CPTs/probes are included/bundled with CPT 87801. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. J

    Wiki Need Guidance on When Wound Closure Codes Reportable with Exploration Codes

    Hello, I'm still new to coding and am finding it difficult to know when wound closure is separately reportable from wound exploration (and when it isn't). For example, I had a neck stabbing that required exploration and a complex closure, and I was told to report 20100 for exploring the wound...
  7. C

    Wiki Selective Debridement Crosswalk

    Hello, I work for a wound care company that provides services in many different settings. I am looking to map Selective Debridement CPT (97597) to ICD-10 PCS Codes. When referencing the book, it wants me to distinguish between Excisional and Non-Excisional. I know that most Sharps debridements...
  8. A

    Wiki Ulcer Code with Venous Stasis

    Our doctor gave a code of L97.322 Ulcer Ankle Left w∕ Fat Exposed which requires the underlying condition to be coded first. He also gave us I87.8 which is Venous Stasis. Per what I read in the ICD 10 book, venous stasis does not fit the criteria to be used an underlying condition for this ulcer...
  9. C

    Wiki Foley just to allow wound healing

    Our Director of Nursing has placed a Foley cath so a patient can stay in bed while a pressure ulcer heals. I've coded the foley and the pressure ulcer, but she also wants a code to show that the foley is for wound healing. I'm coming up empty...I don't think it exists. Anyone else have the...
  10. A

    Wiki Surgical Wound Infection?

    I have a case where the patient has a surgical wound infection and dehiscence. The wound was debrided while in the hospital. We are getting them for home health and I am wondering would I code both the infection and dehiscence? Thanks
  11. J

    Wiki wound care denial

    I am coding for wound care and my doctor does a lot of surgical debridement. Since ICD-10 became effective the dx code S89.81X_ is not on the list of medical necessity for debridement. This code if for a trauma wound of the lower leg (other specified injuries of the right lower leg). I use the...
  12. C

    Wiki help with total contact cast (29445) and unna boot (29580) in wound care

    can anyone give me a circumstance when it would be appropriate to code both debridement 11042-11047 and total contact cast (29445) since they bundle, this is in a outpatient wound care place of service
  13. C

    Wiki Debridement -help

    Not sure if I should code 11045, 11046, or 97597, 97598, any ideas? Patient had a right trochanteric decubitus ulcer with a wound vac placement (less than 100 cm area ) debrided to healhthy tissue. The greater trochanter now exposed in wound. Operative report. The right hip was then prepped...
  14. M

    Wiki Need help- DX code POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right non-healing Achilles tendon wound

    Hello, Can anyone help with a dx code for Right non-healing Achilles tendon wound? This is post op wound complications. Thank you in advance:) Micki
  15. kathymoon

    Wiki Wound Care

    I have been coding for years but I've just become responsible for our Wound Care Clinic. Does anyone have any good reliable resources for wound care coding?
  16. C

    Wiki Placement of a T tube into colotomy-Help please!

    Hello, I am unsure if this is something that can be billed or not. The physician placed a T-tube into a colotomy to promote healing. The patient has been undergoing serial wound vac changes for a frozen abdomen. The T-tube was cut and placed into the colotomy and brought out through a separate...
  17. M

    Wiki Reopening Craniotomy

    I have a note for a pt. who had reopening of right frontotemporal parietal craniotomy with wound debridement & removal of mesh, cranioplasty & complex wound closure. I believe I can do 61320-supratentorial drainage of abscess, and code the complex wound closure, but I am not sure if I also need...
  18. M

    Wiki Traumatic Nonhealing Wound and Sequela vs. Subsequent

    Good day, I was hoping someone could offer guidance on a sequela question. Let’s say a patient had a traumatic laceration of their right ankle over 30 days ago and returns for debridement and/or dressing care. The Wound is non-healing and there are co-morbid conditions affecting the healing...
  19. S

    Wiki PuraPly

    One of my docs recently applied PuraPly following a debridement and he documented it as "PuraPly skin graft". The only information I can find on PuraPly says it is a "collagen wound matrix", which sounds more like a dressing than a graft to me. Does anyone else have experience with this product?
  20. L

    Wiki A vs. D for wound care

    Wound care clinic. For a debridement, skin graft, or negative pressure wound treatment, what would be the appropriate 7th character be... A or D? I think it would be A because it is active treatment. Does anyone else have thoughts. What defines as "active treatment."
  21. L

    Wiki wound care-trauma wound

    If the doctor states in the patient note that the patient has a non healing trauma wound, yet the doctor coded it as a Non-Pressure chronic ulcer L97-, which would be the correct way to code it. I am thinking to code it as a trauma wound S- series code, but can a non healing trauma wound convert...
  22. A

    Wiki Gunshot Wound - ? Qualify as Puncture Wound with foreign body

    Hi Everyone, If anyone has time, could you look at this and respond? Scenario: A patient had a gunshot wound that entered the left buttock and exited his left inner thigh. The patient was fine.. no other problems. No severed arteries, etc. Which code would be most appropriate? 1...
  23. M

    Wiki Evacuation of epidural hematoma, lumbar spine. Wound irrigation and debridement.

    Hello, Not to long ago I started coding Neurosurgery. I was new to it, and I am still learning. I am getting the rejection for procedure below. Please help. DIAGNOSIS: Epidural hematoma, lumbar spine. PROCEDURES: 1. Evacuation of epidural hematoma, lumbar spine. 2. Wound irrigation and...
  24. N

    Wiki non-healing surgical wound ICD-10

    Can someone please tell me the proper codes for a non-healing surgical wound of the abdomen? There is active treatment, so is it T8189XA? What other codes should I code? open wound of abdomen? what are the injury codes?
  25. A

    Wiki 15271-plea for help!

    We recently started a Wound clinic in an office setting at the hospital. I'm billing for the professional services. The following was documented in the medical record and my doc states to bill 15271. Does this qualify? He is doing a lot of return Epifix applications when patients are seen back...
  26. C

    Wiki Laceration Repair-considered a layered

    Would this be considered a layered closure (12053) I anesthetized the area with a local infiltration of 4ml of warmed 2% lidocaine with epi. Excellent anesthesia was obtained. The wound was the cleansed and irrigated and explored with no foreign body present. There was no deep structure...
  27. A

    Wiki Wound Revision

    okay this patient had burr hole evac about 9 months now she presents for a wound break down. Under loupe magnification,, 0.5 lidocaine with epinephrine was injected in the subcu skin and the scalp, then a 10 blade scalpel was used to free the scalp from the underlying skull, old bone wax...
  28. W

    Wiki Modifiers driving me insane

    I am having a problem with a skin graft wound closure surgery. The wounds were on both legs, measured 14 cm X 12.5 cm on right medial calf. Two on right lateral calf measure 2.5 X 2 cm and 2.5 X 1.8 cm. All are full-thickness wounds with granulation tissue clean and ready for grafting. These are...
  29. A

    Wiki Loss of Domain

    In ICD-9-CM Vol 1, when the surgeon documented loss of domain in an abdominal surgical wound, we were advised to use ICD-9-CM code 879.3 for Open wound of abd wall, anterior, complicated. See "Expose the Layers of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction" In Coding Edge June 25, 2010 By John F. Bishop...
  30. A

    Wiki ICD-10-CM for Open Abdomen

    One of my surgeons has a patient who was referred to him for management of his open abdomen. The patient was seen by another surgeon for repair of a ruptured AAA with massive retroperitoneal hemorrhage which resulted in abdominal compartment syndrome. The first surgeon left the abdomen open...
  31. E

    Help with Code for Wound Infection

    We see this scenario a lot in our ER.... patient comes in with a puncture or laceration to finger and it is infected. In ICD-9 we used code 883.1, which was an open wound, complicated, and the complicated option covered a "wound infection". This option no longer exists with ICD-10. Any ideas...
  32. T

    Wiki Irrigation and debridement of post wound

  33. C

    Wiki Need Correct Coding for a dx of a cat bite, finger

    I am convinced, that a animal bite is an open wound, without having to be stated as open and would code a cat bite of finger with 883.0. However, after discussion with another coder, she always uses contusion, unless the physician documents that it was an open wound and would code a cat bite of...