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    Ancillary Charges for Nursing Homes

    Hi guys, I appreciate any legit links, data, etc... I have been billing for a nursing home for about 8 months. I had no training (other than my many years knowledge of general medical billing, and coding experience). I have a handle on the SNF claims. I completely understand the...
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    SNF Therapy Audit help! Level 3 dispute!

    This is going to be long, and I apologize. I need some help from anyone with SNF experience, especially with billing of CPT codes. Here goes.... The first denial came back stating: "The 5 day assessment, ARD 8/3/17 pays for 8/1-8/3/17 and the 14 day/COT assessment ARD 8/10/2017 pays for...
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    ICD9 Reporting Still Allowable?

    :confused: LTC providers reporting ICD-9 codes (and their respective 10 codes) on the encounter. As far as I know this is definitely not allowable anymore, correct? I want to be sure before I take this to them. TIA ICD Codes: 733.00 / M81.0: Osteoporosis of multiple sites Order completed to...
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    Coding from HPI for LTC

    Hello All, I work in LTC and I got a notification from one of my MDS nurses that they had added a dx of Dementia for a resident, but I did not have it on my diagnosis sheet for that particular resident. I went through all the documentation and could not find a dx or dx code of Dementia for said...