Ancillary Charges for Nursing Homes


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Hi guys,
I appreciate any legit links, data, etc...
I have been billing for a nursing home for about 8 months. I had no training (other than my many years knowledge of general medical billing, and coding experience). I have a handle on the SNF claims. I completely understand the Medicare/Advantage/Skilled billing, but I am a little lost on the long term care (LTC) side of billing. It is my understanding that some, but not all ancillaries can get billed to Part B once they fall off their skilled stay. I would love to know what I can and cannot bill. I also have some residents who are medicaid only. Some ancillary services (PT/OT) don't qualify them to go skilled so it is my understanding I should be billing them out. Do I bill them out on the R&B claim, or separate. Just a couple of my questions. I would really love some good resources for this billing. I feel like I am missing revenue for my building but the web is definitely a mess of info, and more directed to SNF claims