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    Wiki AAPC Certified Professional Coder 17+yrs Experience Seeking Position

    Seeking a position pertaining to any or all the following job duties; office or dept. management, physician credentialing, bookkeeping, accounting, and/or medical coding, within a well-established practice. Resume attached Note: Not exploring entry level positions.
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    Wiki Modifier -25 with 99205

    Is it possible to use modifier -25 with 99205 if psychotherapy is also on the same day as a new patient E/M? Is there a better way to code this? So; 99205 -25, 90838
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    Wiki Billing office structure

    Hello! I am looking for examples of current billing office structures. How many staff you have and what their job descriptions are? Do you have your accounts divided up by last name, payor or by account activities? Any information would be helpful! Thank you! Tara
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    Wiki Refill Medication

    Hi y'all, Some of our physicians will refill a medication during a visit that has nothing documented regarding medication management. Example, patient comes in with at cold, the documentation is all about the cold, but the physicians will refill a medication for high blood pressure. There is...
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    Wiki ECMO Management codes with subsequent care

    I have a question regarding ECMO: Can Dr. Smith bill ECMO management 33949 in addition to subsequent hospital care 99231-25 for the same date of service (as long as documentation supports both codes)? Thanks in advance!
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    Wiki Diagnosis Management Points Calculation - Est Problem,New Provider (same practice)

    Please let me know how many diagnosis management points you would assign???????? Scenario: An established patient to a single-specialty practice comes in for a second office visit to be seen for the same illness he was seen for 1 week ago by Dr. Smith. However, this time he is seeing Dr...
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    Wiki 99144 Conscious Sedation in Pain Management Office

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can assist me in how to document for Conscious Sedation in an office setting for Pain Management. We currently just use something like "Per patient request, the patient was then administered 2 mL of 2 mg/2 mL midazolam IM by the nurse." I am received denials...
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    Wiki Remote Coder Needed for Pain Management

    Opening for a Full Time Remote Coder for a busy Pain Management Practice. Must be Certified Professional Coder and ICD-10 Proficient. Pain Management Experience is a Plus as well as Experience with Clinix EMR. If interested, email your resume to
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    Wiki NIOV CPT Code

    I know HCPCS code E1352 is used, but is there a procedure cpt code for NIOV Non-Invasive Open Ventilation? I found under Pulmonary - Ventilator Management 94002-94005 could these work?? Thanks! Tanna
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    Wiki URGENT - Anesthesia Coders and Quality Reviewers Needed

    Anesthesia and Pain Management Coders Needed (REMOTE) Aviacode is looking for coders and quality review experts experienced in anesthesia and/or pain management with at least 2 years experience (required) and that can commit a minimum of 20 hours a week. If you are interested please see job...
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    Wiki Coding ultrasound guidance when used for mode of anesthesia block?

    Hi there, I have a provider that is questioning if he can bill for the USG when he uses it to place an axillary block (or other blocks) that is being used as the mode of anesthesia and NOT post op pain management. Any help or reference on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Wiki Managing Coders/Auditors

    I am being asked to manage a team of coders/auditors and track their accuity and accuracy. Does anyone have a format or excel sheet that they wouldn't mind sharing for ideas? I am open to suggestions. Thanks!