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    Wiki 97610

    Anyone know if you can bill 97610 per wound or is it a code you can only bill once per day no matter how many wounds it is used on?
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    Wiki Coding an Op note

    What can I use to code an operative note for professional side? Can I use the encounter note with the decision to go to surgery along with the op note? Or do I only code from the op note? Do you have anything in writing on this? Thank you for your help in this matter BobbieJo
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    Wiki Code symptom or history code first?

    Just curious. Does it matter if we code the history code or the symptom code first. No other diagnosis code is use. Thanks.
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    Wiki Mohs Reimbursment

    I am having trouble with Health Net Federal Services reimbursing Mohs procedures when multiple units are billed on one line. Also they are still applying modifier 51 to the first repair procedure. It's obvious their system edits are not correct and they have told me it does not matter what...