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    Medical Billing Office

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    how do you become medical biller

    I would like to know how to become a medical billing staff. I know the overview but I am interested in knowing the drill for becoming a medical biller. I believe the KRAs of a biller are preparing invoices, coding, and sending bills to the concerned person. Also, please help me with the...
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    Wiki Billing Software Suggestions

    Hello to all, Our practice is rapidly growing and in need of a more efficient billing software program. We currently have 25 providers. I would welcome, and greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments. Thank you, GHS
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    Billing for Specimen Validity Testing

    Hello- I'm receiving quite a few different responses from people within my company regarding billing for specimen validity tests - I work for a Tox lab, and several people are under the impression that you can't bill for it - however I have seen several claims be sent out w/ a pH/Specific...
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    Pathology- Delay in billing for special stains

    I work for a medical lab where we provide slide prep cases and gloabal cases to our clients. One of our client's is a dermatologist who we only slide prep for, he is also reading the professional portion on his side. He has informed me that his biller has billed out cases with the first H&E...
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    Podiatry Billing question

    Hello, I am a Podiatry biller. The procedure code used is 11720 and the DX code used is E11.42 . This is the procedure and DX code I've used in the past. But for some reason Medicare is rejecting stating not a medical necessity. I need to know what DX code or Modifier needs to be used to get...
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    Certified CPC and ICD-10 seeking billing and coding position remote.

    Hello, I have over 10 years experience in Medical billing and some coding. I've had the experience of working remote and am very self disciplined and will be an asset to any company.
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    CPC-A Experienced in Billing & Coding Orthopedics, PA & OH Workers Compensation

    CPC-A Experienced in Billing & Coding Orthopedics, PA & OH Workers Compensation COLLEEN PARKER,CPC-A CMPWORKS@GMAIL.COM 724-822-1456 107 HOGG LANE • SLIPPERY ROCK, PA 16057 Background Summary Compassionate, reliable individual who has completed Pittsburgh Technical Institute’s accredited...
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    Cpc looking for part time remote coding job

    Lisa Florez (408) 832-8729 Lmarie029@hotmail Cypress Healthcare Monterey, Ca 03/2008 - Current Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Pain Management, Orthopedic, Cardiology and Internal Medicine Charge entry, assign appropriate Diagnosis, CPT Codes and Modifiers. Coding E/M, ASC...
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    Coding/Billing/Follow Up Opportunities - Long Island, NY - NOT REMOTE

    Job Opportunity - Long Island, NY - NOT REMOTE IV Medical Services is looking to fill multiple positions with experienced self-motivated medical billers, coders and follow-up personnel with the desire for a stable long-term career. We are a growing multi-office healthcare company that is...
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    When billing codes 33249 and 93461-26?

    I am new to cardiology coding and need some help. Our doctors do the coding and I billed 33249 and 93641-26 together to Medicare and they responded with non covered for medical necessity. I am not sure if a 59 modifier should also be placed on the 93641-26 or what to do from here. Any...
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    Wiki Xtern-ship position wanted

    Hello. I am looking for a hands-on xternship position in medical coding or billing within 30 miles of my area in Cecil County, Maryland. I am a AAPC student member with a 4.0 GPA in my current education program at UMA and graduated today. I am scheduled for my CPC exam on March 12, 2016 and...
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    Auburn-Roseville CA

    I am looking for Entry Level Medical Billing and Coding Work. Will work for reduced apprenticeship rate for three to six months, with full time work. See below Cover letter, contact me for Resume. March 23, 2011 Dear Human Resources Specialist , I hope my medical office skills such as...