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    MIPS and who to report this information

    HI, I have been asked to help my administrator with MIPS. Right now, we have been reporting the information to only CMS/Medicare. When I was looking at the guidelines for 2019, it looked like it was not payor driven, that we should also report the codes to Aetna, the blues, work comp, all...
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    Seeking Profee ED CDI Educator

    National ED Management company seeking experienced coding/documentation expert to fulfill our CDI Educator role! Responsibilities include supporting our Physician CDI Director in coordinating national network of regional clinician leaders to distribute documentation education on various...
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    CMS MIPS/MACRA Approved Registry

    Hello everyone, If anyone is looking for a great CMS Registry and or Medical Billing and Coding company, check out www.hpa-billing.com. They are registered on the cms.gov site and provides really great service. They have good references as well. Their fees are not as high as other companies...
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    Quality ID #134 (NQF 0418): Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Depression a

    I want to be sure that I am interpreting this measure correctly. For Denominator Exclusion the definition: 'Not Eligible for Depression Screening or Follow-Up Plan (Denominator Exclusion) – • Patient has an active diagnosis of depression prior to any encounter during the measurement period-...
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    NQF0059 - HBA1C MIPS quality reporting for FQHC

    Our office visit codes are billed out to Part A because of the FQHC status. The only code that is going to go on the Part B claim is the actual lab procedure. Can the CPT II code go on that claim or does there have to be an office visit code on it as well? Can I bill just the lab code with the...
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    Impact of MACRA on the healthcare industry

    What is the healthcare industry saying about MACRA implementation?