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    Wiki Same mass multiple techniques used Colonoscopy

    Hello I need help, I know if you code a colonoscopy and multiple techniques are used to remove DIFFERENT masses/polyps you code each technique and add mod 59 to the others of less value. BUT my question is what if its the SAME mass and they used 2 techniques to remove the same mass. Can you...
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    Wiki Do you add MOD 59 to a sono with a Comp (99385) visit?

    Hi, Pt came in for Comp visit 99385 with a pap (Q0091) and TV sono (76830) 99385-25, Q0091, 76830-59? Thank you
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    Wiki 99173 need a modifier?

    Hi Everyone. I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to figure out if when billing 99382-99384 or 99392-99394 (prev med visit new/est pt) with 99173 (vision screening) if the vision screening needs a 59 modifier for the state of MN? Per the the Minnesota Child and Teen Checkups (C & TC)...