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    BILLING 37231 AND 37225 TOGETHER

    Hello, I need help! Hopefully someone can help me here. When billing for 37231 + 37225 is a modifier required? If so, which one.
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    HELP 11755 denied for wrong modifer-Nail Bx Dermatology

    We have gotten a denial from IBC 2 times now for "wrong modifier" on 11755 billed charges were 99213 OV for Full Skin HX of MM etc 25 modifier(went thru and paid) 11755-bx of nail (billed with 59 modifier and denied then billed without modifier as suggested and denied.) So what modifier would...
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    Wiki help with modifers for multi injections

    I have a patient that had multi injection on the same day. I need help with what modifiers I would use. 20550-Lt (HAND) 20600-FA (LT THUMB) 20605-LT (LT WRIST) So do I coded 20550-Lt, 20600-FA,51 , 20605-LT,51? When I tried to bill it said I that the code 20600 was included with the other...