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    Two visits in one day

    I’ve been a coder for eight years. Recently there is come up some things at work and we had two separate providers in our facility see the same patient in one day. It is not ethical to not bill the second visit? From my understanding and knowledge of previous experience both visits have to be...
  2. K

    Question Multiple Nurse Providers

    Can someone please help me code this scenario: PHN sees a patient for a quick office visit (i.e. pregnancy test visit) worthy of a 99211. Patient's pregnancy test come back positive and requests for further guidance. NP comes in for a visit worthy of a 99213. Can I bill both 99211 and 99213...
  3. D

    31535 Laryngoscopy with multiple biospies

    My understanding of 31535 is that I code each time for a biopsy that was done for each anatomical site ie, if a bx was done of the RT valleculla and epiglottis, then two codes 31535, 31535-59 BUT if two bxs were done of the right vallecula (same anatomical site), then it would be one 31535. Is...
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    Mutiple Visits - same Tax ID

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding billing multiple visits on the same date of service under the same tax ID number? I code for a rural family practice clinic and they are wanting patient's to be able to schedule multiple appointments in one day (if needed), like a "one-stop...
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    Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma in CR

    On occasion a patient with leukemia or multiple myeloma may go in and out of clinical remission while on chemotherapy or after transplant. Would it be appropriate to code the remission code for these patients at the time of service or is there some other requirement(s) when this code would be...
  6. C

    OB/GYN Modifiers

    I just started coding OB today and need some help with modifiers, particularly the 59. When we are billing out for multiple CPT's (ex: 76805,76819, 76825) do we put a 59 on all procedures after the first listed? Please help!!
  7. A

    HPI multiple problems

    I have a question about HPI. When a physician documents multiple problems in HPI and you don’t really have enough in one problem can you use the other problems to get a comprehensive or do you need to pick one problem and focus on that? An example of what I’m talking about is: “Reports that...
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    Amerigroup disenrollment

    My medical practice is enrolled with Amerigroup to see patients at 4 locations. We wish to disenroll at a few of the locations and continue seeing patients at some of the others . Does anyone know if that is possible? I have left multiple message with the Provider Enrollment Department at...
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    Open Abdomen with Vac-Packs

    Need help with open abdomens when Vac-Packs are placed, days later the physician goes back and removes the Vac-Pack debrides the wound and reapplies the Vack-Pack. This procedure is sometimes repeated on multiple occassions. Any suggestions on the correct coding of these procedures? Any...