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    Wiki Emg/ncv

    Can some one clarify for me please if Dr does 4 muscles and 3 paraspinals muscles do I code as 95885 or 95886, my question is do I count paraspinals muscles or not ? Thank you
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    Wiki J3301 - associated tenderness

    Hello everyone- Im just wondering some input on how you would code this? My main concern is the kenalog. I currently bill at a neurology clinic and me & the other biller do not agree on how to code the J3301. Would love to hear what my fellow members think? Thank-You in advance =) Procedures...
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    Wiki Cpt 95863

    Please see the example below. I'm trying to figure out if this would be 3 extremities - Upper, Lower and Trunk (since the rectus abdominis muscle doesn't fall under either upper or lower extremity). Would you use cpt 95863 in this situation? Thanks in advance for your help. Spontaneous...
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    Wiki Coding help with trigger points

    Hello my fellow members. Question for wondering how you would code this? Trying to get some feed back on a few things to iron some things out-TY in advance!>>>> Patient presents with pain and spasms in the bilateral cervical regions, with associated tenderness radiating to the lower...