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    CPT code 90970

    I work for a Nephrology clinic and we are having issues billing for one of our dialysis codes. The way we typically would bill for patient who where transferred to a different dialysis center or deceased we would use a daily dialysis CPT code 90970 and use a range of dates from the first...
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    Wiki Nephrology Billing documentation

    My office billers and NP are in a discussion about dialysis unit monthly rounding documentation for billing. We currently use a rounding sheet that has the 3 monthly NP limited visits on one sheet. My NP asked why we could not use the dialysis flow sheet that she reviews makes notes and signs...
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    Question Do you have any Major changes in Urology/ Nephrology coding guidelines for 2022?

    Hi AAPC Members, I have came across from a Nephrology Physician group that we have a Changes in the coding Guidelines for Dialysis cases from 2022, Is any one from the group are aware on this? If so Please shred some inputs
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    ESRD coding question

    In Nephrology our providers see patients who are on home dialysis in the dialysis center once for a monthly face to face visit and labs..... We are currently billing with CPT code 90963 based on pts age, billing under facility POS (63). This is what the providers have been told to use prior to...
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    Question Nephrology TCM Coding

    Is a nephrologist allowed to bill TCM services (99495-99496) for patients who are receiving ESRD services (90960-90970) in the same month? Coding book says no but 2020 Final rule reads a little different & states you can now bill the two services. I have included a snip off the Final Rule White...
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    Wiki renal biopsy by IR

    I work for a interventional radiologist that works with cancer docs. He did a CT guided renal biopsy 50200 in his office. it's being denied for place of service. This was performed in a freestanding physician clinic so was billed with POS 11. Does anyone have any insight to whether or not...
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    Dialysis: PD vs Hemo

    Hi... looking for some clarification on this... Situation is as follows: Pt starts the month as PD (1st-18th)--there is no Dr. sheet/visit (90966) on the 19th the pt changed to Hemo.---there is a Dr. sheet/visit (90960-90962) so...would we code the PD or the Hemo? Thanks in advance for any...
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    Dialysis monthly note audit

    I bill for Nephrologists and need any advice or direction on a good audit tool for monthly physician dialysis services. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Wiki Nephrology Coding

    Where is Nephrology Coding discussed? I'd like some direction. If you have experience, please message me. Thank you.
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    Nephrology - coding inpatient

    I am new to coding inpatient hemodialysis for physicians and I have a question about documentation. When the doctor sees the patient while on dialysis, do they have to actually document, "patient seen on dialysis"? Also if they are on CRRT, is it assumed that they were seen while on dialysis...
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    I have a question about coding rounding for a Nephrology physician. He sees the patient on dialysis, which he documents, does he have to write the diagnosis on each progress note? Or can you go back and use the dx from the initial visit? This is for the physician fees. Thank you for any...