nerve block

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    Question Modifiers

    cpt question: 64405 is a nerve block injection occipital. Insurance is rejecting it and asking for modifier. What modifier should be used and where did you find it if you can?
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    51/59 Nerve Block Modifiers - bundling issue

    Hello- I work for a neurology office - having some difficulty with a bundling issue. On an extreme case I could bill for one patient: 64450 64405 20553 64615 96372 How i was trained - typically I would use: 64450 - 50, 59 64405 - 59 20553 64615 96372 - 59 BCBS - pays for all minus 20553 -...
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    Adductor Canal Code

    Would you code 64447 (femoral nerve block) or 64450?
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    ilioinguinal nerve botox coding

    My physician did a therapeutic ilioinguinal nerve block and neurolysis with botox under ultrasound guidance. I would normally code the nerve block as 64425 but I am having trouble with the chemodenervation code for the botox of the ilioinguinal nerve. Coding guidelines for the destruction by...
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    76942 (ultrasound guidance) denied with nerve block

    Hi All, Ultrasound guidance (76942) is being denied by Oxford when billed with a nerve block code (64413, 64445, etc.). We have tried to appeal saying you need the guidance to ensure precision of the needle however, they are still denying it. :mad: Anyone run into this problem and found a...
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    Medicare denying Ultrasound Guidance used with Regional Block Placement

    Since January, CMS has been denying about 85% of our claims for ultrasound guidance 76942-26. Our anesthesiologists use ultrasound guidance when placing nerve blocks for post-operative pain control (sciatic/femoral/etc). Some of our appeals have resulted in the claim being reprocessed, but...
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    cryoablation ilioinguinal nerve cpt code help

    Can someone please help me find a px code for this? So far-I think I'll have to use 64999. CT-guided cryoablation of right ilioinguinal nerve between the transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscles at the anterior superior iliac spine. EBL: None. Specimens: None. Consent: Informed...
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    SPG Block (64505 and 64400) using SphenoCath

    What is the correct way to bill for a SPG Block that is done with the SphenoCath device? The SphenoCath device rep provided the following response when I suggested the correct code was the unlisted code (64999) since the SphenoCath uses an intranasal approach to deliver topical lidocaine to the...
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    Cluneal Neve Block of Iliac Crest Cpt

    Does anyone know what Cpt code would be used for a Cluneal nerve block of the iliac crest?...I am thinking 64450 but not sure...I would really appreciate any input...thank you Liz