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    64615 modifier 22?

    I just started billing for a neurologist. The previous biller was adding modifer 22 to 64615. The botox is through the patients specialty pharmacy. Does anyone know if this is correct? I have looked by cant find anything linking modifier 22 to 646415.
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    2019 CPT Code Electronic Check-in

    Hello! With the start of the New Year we can no longer bill our patient electronic check-in pad with 96103 (computer administered, computer graded, psychologic assessment). If anyone else was billing 96103, have you found any appropriate alternatives? Thinking of 96146 OR 96136. Greatly...
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    Sleep Study Question

    I have started coding sleep studies for a new client for my employer. They are billing the global fee for the sleep studies (they own the equipment and their physicians do the interps) They have instructed me that with the sleep studies, the date of service should be the date the study started...
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    Medical coding opportunity - Louisville, KY

    Full time Certified Coder position available with our healthcare client in Louisville, KY. CPC required. Candidates must be within comfortable driving distance of Louisville, KY. This position requires 90 days working onsite in Louisville and then is a fully remote position. Looking for...
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    CPC 12yr experience in medical field looking for remote full time/part time

    SKILLS •Outpatient and Inpatient Coding •ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS •CPT/HCPCS Level II •Health Information Management •CMS 1500 and UB-04 Claim Forms •Healthcare Reimbursement •Medical Terminology & Anatomy •Pharmacology & Pathophysiology •3M Encoder / 3M Reference Software...
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    Specialty Exam: Neurology

    Does anyone have a workaround for the Ophthalmoscopic examination of the optic discs (e.g. size, C/D ratio, appearance) and posterior segments (e.g., vessel changes, exudates, hemorrhages) in the comprehensive neuro exam? Our providers are already checking the cranial nerve 2, so this seems...
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    Hi all, I am new to Neurology coding and I need some help. My MD's do nerve blocks for migraines and they are sending me a 64450 x 8. I think they should be using 64400-64405 with -50. however I cant find a good explanation of which nerves are included in the 64400 and 64402. 64405, got it...
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    Consult/Hospital Visit/Subsequent ???

    For inpatient neurology consult coding. HPI ROS PFMSH EXM MDM My question is that there is also a Neuro Exam which consist of Gen app-(1), Vitals 3 vitals (1), Fundus (optic disc exam (1), CV (pulses, bruits, or auscultation of heart (one point Maximum), Mental status (5), CN (8), Tone...
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    Inpt consultation codes (Neurology)

    When coding using pr
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    Denial from BCBS for dx code inconsistent with procedure code

    I work in a Neurology clinic with a physician who specializes in movement disorders. Yesterday we received 3 denials from Blue Cross with the Reason Code CO 11 attached, the diagnosis is inconsistent with the procedure. I coded the visits as follows: G20 (Parkinson's Disease) as the primary...
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    PQRI requirements for Neurology

    Does anyone know the PQRI requirements specifically for Neurology to qualify for Medicare reimbursement?
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    Coder/Medical biller in Atlanta, Ga

    Neurology group is looking for an experienced Coder/biller. CPC preferred but not required. Neurology coding a plus.
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    Neurology Swallow Evaluation

    I am confused on a swallow evaluation, the note says Swallow Evaluation: patient awake, responsive, able to cough on demand, able tp handle own oral secretions. Patient has clear voice, not wet, hoarse, able to tolerate 90 degree position. Looking in the CPT book I found 92610: Evaluation of...
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    Biopsy for small fiber neuropathy

    I bill for a Neurologist who wants to take biopsies for diagnosing the presence of small fiber neuropathy. The lab that performs the pathological component of this test has told him that we will bill with the biopsy codes 11100-11101. My concern is that the codes indicate a biopsy of lesion...