1. C

    Wiki Endoscopic Expanded Endonasal Approach for resection of sellar/suprasellar tumor

    I am a Pro-fee neuro e/m coder that is being asked to code a surgery since our outsourced billing/coding company is late to get to it. Dr. F and Dr. T are not with our practice. I'm thinking this should just be 62165-62, but let me know your thoughts as I haven't really touched surgeries that...
  2. B

    Wiki Need help with billing 62141 & 61312

    Hi, I work for a plastic surgery clinic. Our doctor did a Cranioplasty along with the the neurosurgeon as a co surgeon on a 63 yrs old. Let's say the date was 12/20. The surgery was in the morning. Late at night the patient developed an epidural Hematoma and they had to do a Craniotomy. The...
  3. J


    Hello, I am trying to figure out the best way to capture middle-of-the-night work being done by the Neurosurgeon. He is being called for chart reviews, etc late at night by the Emergency room doctors and he is giving recommendations. He does see the patient for a face to face consult the next...
  4. H

    Wiki Help coding spine procedure - Removal of dural patch Gelfoam and Tisseel

    Patient had undergone redo lumbar discectomy a week and a half prior where a ventral dural tear was found from the disc herniation. This was patched with Gelfoam and Tisseel. Patient presented with recurrent radicular pain and weakness, for which this surgery was scheduled under the assumption...
  5. A

    Wiki Help with operative report 61343vs61322 adding 61313 trauma Neurosurgery.

    Hello, I need an expert on this. Can you help me? I am torn between 61343 vs 61313, this is a complex trauma case. Sever brain injury from MVA Postoperative Diagnosis: Malignant intracranial hypertension secondary to posterior fossa compression Operation: 1. Bilateral suboccipital craniectomy...
  6. S

    Wiki Unlisted code denial with co-surgeon

    An expanded, endoscopic, endonasal resectioning of a 3 cm meningioma in the tuberculum sella region was performed by our Neurosurgeon with the transnasal approach being done by an ENT acting as co-surgeon in April of this year. There is not a CPT code that accurately describes this procedure...
  7. J

    Wiki URGENT: Neurosurgery Coder Needed

    In urgent need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in NEUROSURGERY and E/M coding. DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
  8. C

    Wiki Stereotactic surgical planning

    Hello, I was hoping someone has some input on this. Our radiologists are doing MRI and in addition to the MRI they provide stereotactic surgical planning for the Neurosurgeons which takes quite a bit of time. We are looking for a code to bill for this if anyone can please provide some sort of...
  9. M

    Wiki Help with coding a cervical case

    I am needing help with coding the following case. This was all done at the same time. Stage 1: C4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7 anterior cervical discectomy, left sided approach C4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7 arthrodesis with insertion of interbody fusion devices C4-C7 anterior segmental fusion with instrumentation...
  10. H

    Wiki Laminectomy + arthrodesis help

    Hello, I am new to neurosurgery coding. I have an op note that states surgeon did a decompressive laminectomy on L4-L5 for disc herniation as well as posterolateral arthrodesis on same level. My question I append the modifier 59 to decompression (63030) or is it included in fusion...
  11. D

    Wiki Please help! Neurosurgery

    Our Neurosurgery coder had to be out unexpectedly - I am only confusing myself the more I read! Please help! 1. Left-sided lumbar microlaminectomy and discectomy for HNP - L5-S1 2. Lumbar facet fusion for joint laxity. L5-S1 I believe I am confused on the combo codes - when and when not to use...
  12. M

    Wiki Re-do of Acdf

    Can someone help me out here? I am having some trouble agreeing with my neurosurgeon on how to code one of his ACDF's Please see the procedure below: Procedures Performed: 1. Removal of C4, 5, and 6 anterior instrumentation 2. C3-4 anterior diskectomy 3. C3-4 anterior interbody arthrodesis...
  13. danskangel313

    Wiki Coding Diagnosis Based on Procedure? Concussion vs Unspecified Intracranial Injury

    I'm coding a scenario in which the patient had a craniectomy due to a brain injury and the provider documented specifically that the patient had a diagnosis of "Concussion" (with loss of consciousness, 16 hrs). I'm being advised that I should be coding S06.9X4 for unspecified intracranial injury...
  14. S

    Wiki Sepcialty Exams

    I currently work as a Neurosurgery Coder and am looking at getting a specialty certification. I was looking into the Orthopedic Cert-COSC because that includes the spine. I don't want to waste my time on that if there is a better one out there. I haven't checked any of the other organizations...