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    1 tax ID, two NPI's. 1 ER visit, 1 inpatient stay

    Hello all, I am stumped. A patient came in to the ER at one Hospital. Then left. He came back to another Hospital and was admitted. Both Hospitals share the same Tax ID, but have different NPI's. Is the ER visit from the first hospital still inclusive to the Second Hospital admission...
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    Billing for Provider who is PCP and Specialist

    I am curious if anyone has this issue. I have a physician who joined our group recently, he is a PCP to half of his patients, the other half he sees as specialty. We are a specialty group. One insurance wants us to get a separate NPI so that this provider can be listed as both. We are trying...
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    Contract or Agency Clinicians

    We have contract clinicians working in our Radiation Oncology Department. They all work for a provider agency. The provider agency does billing for other health care organizations in the area. We bill for all our own patient charges and pay the clincians a lump sum of money yearly for their...
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    Locum Tenens and NPI numbers

    I received a notice for a new seminar that stated there was something in the NPI contingency plan whereby NPI numbers for locum tenens physicians have to be reported on claim forms instead of the absent physician's NPI number. I cannot find this information anywhere, has anyone else run across...
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    Wiki NPI deadline?

    My understanding is that the deadline for EMC billing and NPI is May 23, 2007. Is this correct? I also understand they have extended the deadline to June 2008 for paper claims. Is this correct? I am receiving information from a "consultant" working for our physician that states both EMC and...