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    Wiki Can an NP or a PA bill Observation Codes for Medicare Patients?

    Hello, Can an NP ( Nurse Practitioner ) or a PA ( Physician Assistant ) bill for Hospital Observation Codes 99234-99236 for Medicare Patients? Is this allowed and paid by Medicare? Thank you.
  2. C

    Wiki Nurse Practitioner in a specialty office

    I have a claim for an NP at a neurology office submitted with a new patient E/M code. It is bumping up against another claim for an NP at a primary care office and denying stating it should be an established patient E/M. Both offices bill under the same tax ID but one is a neurology office and...
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    Wiki Nurse Practitioner Scheduling Rules

    If you have a practice that has only one DR and one NP and they have Saturday clinic once a month and the NP is seeing those patients can those patients be placed on the Dr's schedule? This is my first month working for this practice and they just had their first of the month Saturday clinic...
  4. KStaten

    Wiki Physician's Presence Requirement for Incident-To Billing

    Hello Everyone! :) I would appreciate confirmation on a couple rules regarding "incident-to" billing, as I have heard some variations over the years. 1) It is to my understanding that the physician who established the plan of care MUST be present in the same office (same floor)/suite in...
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    Wiki EKG-NP performed, supervising MD wants to bill for interp

    This is a prime care clinic, NP did the EKG and her note includes results. Doesn't state MD read and interpreted. Md made a note stating interp only and billed 93000, i know thats the wrong cpt for interp only but I am more concerned with how to respond to the this doc, shouldnt this only be...
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    Wiki non-credentials NPs billing under credentialed NPs

    Are there any other organizations billing one NP's service under another NP's name and NPI? We have new mid-level providers who aren't yet credentialed, so the established mid-level providers in the clinic are signing the notes and expecting the claims to go out under their name and NPI...
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    Wiki Nurse practitioner and X-rays

    I'm a new biller, working at a new urgent care clinic. We have 2 nurse practitioners who have been administering and reading x-rays. Our doctors who are supervising (but not actually in the building), our NPs, and our office manager all believe that the NPs are able to read the x-rays. However...
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    Wiki Certified nurse practitioner vs Physician Assistant

    My private practice outpatient only internal medicine clinic needs to hire a physician extender in the Detroit Michigan area. Review of billing guidelines suggest that without physician direct supervision they both get reimbursed at 85% but a Physician assistant can see new medicare patients...
  9. J

    Wiki NP visit with IV treatment?

    I work in Pediatrics, but have a question about a recent Oncology visit within my family. Patient was told by her Oncologist/Hematologist MD that she needed an IV treatment. When she arrived at the appointment, the office had added labwork and a visit with the Nurse Practitioner before...
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    Wiki Tax id for a nurse practitioner's office

    I hope i get clarification with my dilemma and thank you for any help. When a NP opens independent private office, does NP need to get a TAX ID for business? or can SS# be used on claims for place of service [11]? Claim line# 32a
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    Wiki Billing Medicare for NP services in an outpatient rehab hospital

    I have run into a situation with a NP doing Botox injections for spasticity in POS 22. First, am I right in thinking that it is not appropriate to bill Medicare incident to in POS 22 even if there is a supervising physician? Right now we are billing using just the NP NPI and CPT code 64642 is...
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    Wiki Decision for SX & Pre-Op Clearance Same Day?

    Hi all, I need some help directing an ortho practice I work with. They have been billing 2 E/M codes per day; 1. the PT sees the physician who makes a decision for surgery and bills an E/M code with modifier 57 2. the PT sees an NP within the practice, who bills for a "medical clearance"...
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    Wiki Nurse Practitioner charts countersignature?

    Does anyone know if patient charts need to be countersigned by a physician? I just want to be sure that we are following current statutes or regulations. I am located in California. Thank you!
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    Wiki Question regarding NP and covering a doctor while on leave

    Hello all, I have a doctor taking a medical leave and I am working with a locum tenens recruiter; they employ the NP. My question is, in order to direct bill does the NP have to be credentialed first or would we just bill under our doctors NPI? (The NP is paid by the recruiting company) I...