1. K

    Wiki First OB visit and problem visit on the same day

    How would you code an initial OB visit that also addressed 2 chronic conditions and has medication management. Typically we bill global for OB so I would bundle the OB portion with the rest of her visits, but the provider spent time addressing chronic conditions. Would you bill an E/M for the...
  2. H

    Wiki ICD-10-CM Coding Question

    There is a patient I am coding for with a personal history of demise of monochorionic twin gestation at 32 weeks, and I am trying to decide whether to use Z87.59 or O09.292. Would either of these codes work, would one work better than the other, or could they possibly work together?
  3. M

    Wiki Coding Unwanted Fertility/Desire for Sterilization

    Hi, I'm looking for guidance on how to code unwanted fertility/desire for sterilization. Many of our providers are using this language in the system to refer patients out for BTLs, but the code it translates to in the system is Z30.2 (Encounter for sterilization). We do not perform these in our...
  4. J

    Wiki Why a 52 modifier on a 76817?

    Hello! I work for an OBGYN as a newer coder and recently a coworker told us that we need to add a 52 modifier on any 76817 that didn't have the cervical length measured. We all started doing it but after doing some research I'm a bit confused as to why. I completely understand the 52 modifier...
  5. D

    Wiki Hysterectomy Op-Report 58571 vs. 58552

    Hi, I need help coding a hysterectomy but not sure if I should bill 58571 vs 58552. I was sure it was 58552 but now I'm thinking it's 58571. Thanks in advance!
  6. J

    Wiki OB/GYN Table of Risk for ED

    I am wondering if anyone has any input on what they consider to be 'minimal', 'low', 'moderate', and 'high' on the table of risk for OB/GYN visits to the ED. A scenario I am specifically wondering on 1) Patient presents to ED and sees a Family Practice provider as she is in active labor. The...
  7. J

    Wiki Failed induction charges

    If a patient is brought into the hospital to induce labor, but induction fails and patient is sent home without delivering, can we charge for hospital services? Or is this part of the global charges? If you have charged for failed induction, what CPT have you successfully used? She was brought...
  8. F

    Wiki Can you code E/M for STD testing ?

    Coding OB/GYN and we have patient's come in just for STD testing; stating boyfriend cheated or they were exposed to an STD My question is can you code an E/M visit for just STD testing with no signs or symptoms ? example -99212 with Z11.3 ? Or do they have to have signs or symptoms to code the...
  9. L

    Wiki Partially inverted uterus with delivery

    This is a new one for me. I'm not sure if I can code anything extra for the Dr. that delivered, but seems I should be able to bill something for the Dr. that came in and assisted with replacening the uterus. I would appreciate any suggestions for coding this. It was not a package, so I will be...
  10. N

    Wiki NDC/HCPCS Unit Discrepancy for OCs

    Hi all, Longtime reader, first time poster! I am trying to help a Montana provider fix a billing issue with BCBS. The payer states that the NDC and HCPCS unit numbers for oral contraceptives (S4993) should be per pill. This is inconsistent with how they've billed BCBS in the past, as well as...
  11. C

    Wiki Open Billing Specialist Position - UTSW

    Hello- Please go to the UTSW Careers Website to apply. Here are the details: Billing Specialist I - Obstetrics & Gynecology -Women's Center Job Number: 520271 Categories: Insurance / Billing Location: Dallas, TX Department: OB Gyn Women's Center Full/Part Time/PRN: Full-Time...
  12. Y

    Wiki IUD Removal Attempted

    New coder and need help. Pt scheduled for iud removal and insertion but IUD was lost in the abdomen. I'm thinking that I should use 58301-52 for the removal and 996.32 for lost IUD. Please help with this. Thanks in advance.
  13. S

    Wiki Ovarian Neoplasm ICD-9 Code

    Hi: I'm working on one of the Code-A-Round scenarios and one of the diagnoses is "benign ovarian neoplasm." I've tried 220. & 620.2 per the 2011 ICD-9 & also the morphology code. The grader keeps saying that these codes are incorrect. I've reviewed the neoplasm coding guidelines & can't find...
  14. A

    Wiki OB/GYN/MFM Medical Secretary

    I currently work for Alaska Perinatology Associates, in Anchorage Alaska. I'm a medical secretary that is a CPC holder. I've been working for this practice since 2006. The provider here sent me to Alaska MedCode to retrieve my CPC license to help out in the office and to help for my future...
  15. J

    Wiki Tca application

    Wondering how to code tca application on hpv lesions in office?
  16. K

    Wiki Perimenopause codes?

    I am looking for advice on how to code "perimenopause". I code for an OB/GYN practice, and the doctors frequently use this term for the symptoms in the pre-menopausal phase, though it does not appear in the ICD-9.
  17. T

    Wiki Coding Question for Vaginal Cuff Repair

    Hello, I need some assistance coding a vaginal cuff repair post hysterectomy, the only CPT that I can find that best fits is 58999-78, Does anyone have any information on coding this procedure. (Billing for the Physician) Thank you! Tatiana Schneider, CPC
  18. M

    Wiki Certified Obstetrics Gynecology Coder

    Has anyone taken this speciality exam? I have been coding OB/GYN since 2005 and I love it. I don't know anyone personally with this credential. I appreciate any and all info I receive. Have a great day! :)
  19. hthompson

    Wiki OB admission to hospital

    My medical director has a question re: OB billing. If we admit a pt to the hospital can we charge for an admit or for the delivery only? What if they had an office visit the day of admission? What if they delivered over 24 hours later, due to slow labor after induction? Does it matter if...
  20. drsnpatil

    Wiki OB/Gyn

    Hi Everybody, We are coding for California based OB physician. One Florida based patient taken OB care from our physician. Our physician wants to bill this visit one time OB visit there is no specific reasion for that visit except routine OB. So in this scenario we want to know which CPT and ICD...