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    Wiki STUDY QUESTION - 27447 VS 01402-AA-P1

    I am new AAPC member and across my studies I have come across a few bewildering problems. Can someone please help me understand this answer. Under a study op report listed is Total Knee Arthroscopy what cpt and anesthesia code? I answered 27447 and 01402-AA-P1 (Healthy patient, anesthesia...
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    Wiki OP report vs procedure performed

    Are you able to code a procedure that is described in the body of the OP-report but is not listed as a procedure performed section of the report?
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    Wiki Op Report Required Elements

    Hello there! Finally have time to get a little more in depth with the quality of all of our documentation. I am curious if anyone has any good resources to confirm CMS requirements for the components of an op report, specifically for colonoscopies. At this time we are watching out for the...