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    Comprehensive Eye Codes Question

    Hello all! If we bill 92004 or 92014, must we have prescription of medication? Also, does it have to be prescription medication or can we prescribe OTC meds and such and consider that as prescription of medication? For an intermediate (92002/92012), is any prescription of medication or treatment...
  2. M

    Question TPA Codes

    Does anyone know what codes are defined as TPA ( Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents)?
  3. P

    Wiki Billing for Optometry

    If there is someone who bills for Optometry that would be willing to talk with me about billing specific to medical vs vision insurance I would appreciate about 20 mins of your time.
  4. W

    Skilled Nursing Facility E&M Codes

    It was brought to my attention that medical evaluation and management CPT Codes (9920* - 9921*) reported by our Optometrists and Ophthalmologists could be rejected by CMS when billed in a SNF-Skilled Nursing Facility-setting (POS 31, 32, etc.). I have read conflicting info indicating Optometry...
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    Medically Necessary Contact Fit and Materials

    Trying to figure out the best way to bill and receive reimbursement for scleral contact lenses. My doctor wants to use 92313 with H18.59 diagnosis, but Medicare allowable reimbursment is only $90.71. With contact lenses the total charge will be $2500.
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    Audit for optometry

    I've been asked to conduct an audit for optometry at my facility. The problem is that I have never coded for it. I've just started researching and since optometry has its own codes(92002,92004,92012, 92014) but can use E/M's as well I'm confused in what situation would you use each of...
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    Optometrist Billing IOL for Cataract Surgery

    I know generally cataract surgery and pre-ops are preformed by an Ophthalmologist, but our Optometrist will be co-managing a pt's case with another facility that will be preforming the cataract surgery. They want our OD to perform the IOL (92136) and necessary measurements for implanting the new...
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    Workspace/Computer Lens billing

    I am wondering how other offices bill a Workspace/Computer Bluetech Lens with AR. I think it should be billed with V2200 code for bifocal, V2782 for Trivex material, V2745 for tint and V2799 for Near Variable Focus upgrade. This is how it works with VSP but I am having trouble with my commercial...
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    Wiki Ophthalmology Webinar on 2-8-17

    Hello, Did anyone attend or watch the recent AAPC ophthalmology webinar? Can you tell me if the contents would be relevant to a medical optometry biller? TIA
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    New vs. Established patients in optometry

    Hello I work in a FQHC clinic that offers Medical, Behavioral Health, & now optometry services. I am fairly new to the coding world and I am wondering when a patient that has been seen in medical is coming in for the first time in optometry are they considered new or established when billing for...
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    Payment on 0330T (LipiView) - Optometry

    Has anyone ever seen a payment on 0330T (Lipiview)? I have never seen an insurance that pays for these services. As a matter of fact, the company that sells the LipiView/LipiFlow machines market them as selfpay services. By accident I billed a LipiView procedure to a patient's insurance last...