ortho specialty coding

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    Hemi shoulder conversion

    How would you code this since there is no conversion shoulder cpt? Since it has been years since her hemi would you code a total shoulder or revision? I included a note from the last office visit plus the op note. This is from the office visit -This is a DePuy hemi. We talked about possible...
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    Excision of mass left small finger, left carpal tunnel release

    How would you code this? I am reading mucoid degeneration and he keeps extending the incision, but I don't think an actual cyst was removed. The carpal tunnel was not planned, can I bill it with the cyst excision 26160 or should I bill the arthrotomy with exploration 26070-26080? Preoperative...
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    Extensor Retinaculum Lengthening

    Provider performed lengthening of the extensor retinaculum overlying the fourth dorsal compartment following excision of extensor tendon intrasubstance ganglion cyst from dorsal hand. Although the cyst had been addressed, it was felt appropriate to slightly lengthen the extensor retinaculum...
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    fracture question

    We billed the follow scenario and having issues with the modifier. Can anyone give some light to this? 20692- RT/T8/GC 11012- RT/GC 28455- RT/GC 28475- RT/GC Our denial is on line 1 and line 4 stating the modifier is inconsistent. Thanks for your help.
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    Code for Ortho procedure- 27486 or 27438

    Can anyone give advice on the proper code for this procedure? We have one coder saying 27438 and one stating it was a revision 27486 and another coder stating 27486-52 because he did not perform the entire 27486 code. Anyone want to comment? Looking for answers.. HELP. Hardware Depuy oval...
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    Distal Bicep Tendinitis coding

    I am new to orthopedic coding, still learning. Can anyone help? Pt has LT Distal bicep tendinitis but I only see an ICD-10-CM code for Proximal bicep tendinitis (M75.22--Bicipital tendinitis, left shoulder) After searching I found a site that suggests using M70.32 (Other bursitis of elbow, left...
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    Experienced Orthopedic Coder/Auditor for Full Time Remote Position

    I have over 20 years of orthopedic coding experience and am currently seeking a full time remote position. I am experienced in Trauma,multi-trauma procedures, modifiers, Foot/ankle procedures, Arthroscopies, Hand procedures, medical necessity denials, unlisted procedures (subchondroplasties)...