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    Data combination MDM table 2021

    Hi I need a clarity in the data tab combination of elements. Provider order 2 each Lab tests, and reviewed the US Abdomen. Kindly clarify me whether this will go to Moderate in MDM table B or I should go to Low MDM in table B.
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    Question Appearing condition

    In radiology report of mammogram "Can we code scattered benign appearing calcifications from the findings" Impression says " NO MAMMOGRAPHIC SIGN TO SUGGEST MALIGNANCY IN EITHER BREAST. STABLE MAMMOGRAPHIC BREAST PATTERN." "Appearing" word comes which is not giving confirmation about dx present...
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    Question Career move from Anesthesia

    I have many years of coding experience in Anesthesia but want to do something different after 20 years I need change. I’ve been remote for several years & plan to continue that but I don’t know much about any other field. I want to feel good about my job and the work I’ve done, like I used to...
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    Denial co-89 professional fee removed

    We have a clinic that is connected to the hospital but we do the clinic billing. What does it mean when professional fee removed? Thanks
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    CPC w/ ED & Phys Med exp seeks Coding/ Patient Access position near Clearwater, FL

    CPC w/ ED & Phys Med exp seeks Coding/ Patient Access position near Clearwater, FL RITA DUNLEAVY SYPHER, CPC redunleavy@yahoo.com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY  Flexible and results-oriented team and individual contributor with exceptional communication skills.  Strengths include outpatient coding and...
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    Help! Need a probable Revenue Code to accompany 36511: Therapeutic apheresis

    Can anyone tell me the likely Hosp Outpt revenue code that would go with CPT code 36511: Therapeutic apheresis; for white blood cells? Please and thank you! :confused:
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    Top Three Healthcare Trends Affecting Medical Coding Certifications?

    Hi! This is my first ever post on the AAPC forums... I've been doing a bit of thinking lately about where I believe healthcare as an industry is going. The top three trends I see are: A) Hospitals are buying more physician practices and outpatient surgery clinics to shore up declining...