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    Question Wound Packing without I&D by different provider

    I have a patient that had an I&D by a different provider, in fact a different health system all together. My doc saw this patient for repacking/dressing change. Anyone have a clue what CPT code I could use for this other than E/M?
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    Billing 12021 for wound care.

    I have a provider who keeps using CPT 12021 for packing a wound. My reading of the description tells me that this code is for wound dehiscence (for example, if sutures were removed & the wound split open, or an infection/abscess developed behind a surgical incision and kept it from healing)...

    I&D of Abscess

    Hello. I have a question. I am a little confused on if I should be billing 10060 or 10061 for a single abscess with packing. The ED physician documented that he gave local anesthesia, cut open the abscess with a blade, broke up the loculations with hemostats, used Iodoform packing to pack the...