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    Can PAs and NPs see a NEW Medicare Patient?

    Hi there, I work in a Dermatology practice and there has been some discussion over billing for PAs and NPs... I'm wondering: Can PAs and NPs see NEW Medicare Patients? Thanks!!
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    Payor Guidelines

    I am the office manager of a small GI group. I was recently told we need to verify every procedure to make sure prior authorization isnt needed. I am curious as to if there is a data base out there that you can enter your insurance ID/Group etc. in and pull up rather PAs are needed? or is there...
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    Split/Shared IP/OP Hospital Consults

    When a PA Hospitalist performs a IP/OP consult in the hospital without the MD present. Does the MD Hospitalist have to have a face-to -face visit with the patient and also document elements of the visit in addendum to the PA's consult note that they performed personally? -or- Can the MD just...
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    NC Tracks(NC Medicaid) and assistant to surgery Modifier denial

    Good Morning, Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting paid for assistant to surgery for PA's. We are filing with CPT code 37225- 80. Medicare is paying as primary and then medicaid denies stating CPT/modifier combo is invalid. When the AR girls call NC Tracks all they will tell...