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    Wiki new CPT 69209

    Does anyone have info for this new CPT code for 2016? I have one reference to Wisconsin Medical Society "Practice Vitals". Not sure how legit this website is, so would like to confirm any other info that's out there. Here's the article that was dated 1/05/2016: CPT® code for ear wax removal...
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    Wiki Critical Care Codes

    To be able to use critical care codes the time must be documented specifically by the physician, correct? This is for a pediatric patient who was transferred to another facility after being worked on here for a few hours. The critical care time is not documented by the physician. So I would just...
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    Wiki Compliance / Physician Coding Auditing Books

    Hello fellow coders, I am in the process of ordering auditing materials for Physician E/M and pro-fee surgeries and would like to know if there are auditing books/tools that you would recommend. Thank so much for your input.
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    Wiki fracture

    person who has a fracture was diagnosed with S32.2XXA and fell at home. This was the only code reported. She was seen in the ER and then came to see her physician. How would this be coded? Would this be initial encounter or subsequent? Could this be a primary code along with the place of injury?
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    Wiki Diabetes--E11.21 and E11.22

    Codes are physician selected then sent to coding for billing where I work. If E11.21 Diabetes with nephropathy and N18.3 are chosen together, does this mean that E11.22 Diabetes with CKD is also chosen. Chart list CKD as chronic but not mentioned as diab. Tried to speak with physician about...
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    Wiki 97597 vs 11042/11045 codes

    Hello I just started coding wound care charts on the facility side and the APC coordinator keep asking me for missing procedures (debridements) that I think should be coded on the physician side. Should she know this? Those codes are usually already there sometimes. When to use 97597 vs...
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    Wiki GC Modifier- we are getting denials

    Hello, we are getting denials from Medicaid when billing codes 99215, 99213 and 99214 with modifier GC when the services were provided by a resident under the supervision of a teaching physician. We are sending the claims with the teaching physician Medicaid NPI number. When we called Medicaid...
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    Wiki Documentation within the EMR

    Good Morning, We are one week into using Athena as our EMR. We are a small 1 physician practice. My physician is having difficulty understanding why a conuslt/soap note is still required if he is "checking" off all the pertinent boxes. I know that we need it, but am looking for some helpful...
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    Wiki Incident to billing - perform acne surgery

    We are a Dermatology office that has PA's and Aesthetician's who are also CMA's. The aesthetician's perform acne surgery (CPT 10040 Dx L70.0) when it is recommended by the physician or PA and gets billed to the insurance under the physician only. Can the aesthetician perform the acne surgery...
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    Wiki CPC, more then 4 years experience looking for remote coding job.

    I am looking for remote coding position. I have 4 years experience in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology coding. I work for physician billing company where I review charts and assign ICD-9 and CPT-4 codes. After years of having to drive to my work 26 miles one way I would love to work...
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    Wiki CPC w/ 3 yrs. Exp. in Multi-Specialties, Texas or Remote

    To Whom It May Concern: My name is Jodi Burchett and I am a Certified Professional Coder with 3 years experience in a hands-on coding and billing environment. I have extensive experience with Physician Coding, Inpatient/Outpatient, Same Day Surgery, OB/GYN, and other specialties. I also am...
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    Wiki Home HealthCare Physician

    I bill for the Physician (only) side who sees patients through a Home HealthCare Agency. I need help badly to know when to use codes G0180,G0179,G0181, and if or when I can use 99345 for a initial visit. Thanks
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    Wiki Primary Care Exception

    Your help is needed in regards to the Primary Care Exception of Teaching Physician guideline for Medicare. It is my understanding that under the Primary Care Exception we are only allowed to bill for services of 99201-99203 and 99211-99213. Any other service than those do not fall under the...