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    Polyp diagnosis from Pathology result

    Hello everyone, I need some help on clarification of diagnosing polyps from the pathology report. When our physicians pull polyps, we hold the claim until the pathology report comes in. We then code the polyp depending on the results. The problem is, there are so many different pathology...
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    Lap partial cecetomy w/o anastomosis & appy

    I wanted to code this 44204-52 but the doctor wants to only bill the appy (doctor: as it was just a staple line across the cecum, higher than you usually do an appendectomy alone so trickier to do but not a formal bowel resection with anastomosis. It is a lot closer to an appendectomy than a...
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    To All Anesthesia Coders out there Please Help!!!

    I just started coding anesthesia visits for colonoscopy's and EGD's. I have a few questions some things just don't make sense to me. Lets say the patient is coming in for a Hx of polyps, found a polyp and hemorrhoids. My question is do you use K63.5 for the polyps found or do you actually go...
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    Screening Colonoscopy Coding

    I have worked at an ASC for 7 years. At a round table the other evening, a hospital coder said that if a patient is booked for a screening colonoscopy, and a polyp is found- code V76.51, followed by 211.3..... I was always taught that in this instance the procedure becomes surgical and to code...