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    NC Medicaid-85018

    My doctor wants cpt 85018 billed when performed for patients during pregnancy. These are denying for Missing/incomplete/invalid CLIA certification number. Not sure why because the CLIA is on the claim box 19. Any advice on getting these paid?? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks so much :)
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    Coding transvaginal ultrasound

    Hello, Can you please tell me which CPT you all use for a transvaginal ultrasound being done for a confirmation of pregnancy. I am thinking it is 76801?? Or would it be a 76830 because we don't know yet if they are pregnant. Thank you!
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    OB Coding

    I am currently trying to find an ICD-10 code for discontinued medication due to patient being pregnant. The medication is Lithium. Any help?
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    Wiki UTI ; Threatened Abortion

    The Dr. gave diagnosis of: -UTI -Threatened Abortion Is it alright to code it 637.70 Abortion, unspecified as to completion or legality, with other specified complications ? Because in the index i found "infection -> urinary (tract) -> with -> abortion" and it says "see Abortion, by type, with...