preventive exams

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    Wiki G0101 Denied with Preventive Code

    Hi all, I'm hoping to get some clarification on this. We are unsure if we are supposed to bill a patient the fee for G0101 if Medicare is denying due to it not being after the 24 months when billed with a preventive code. Example: We billed 99397 with G0101. Medicare denied G code and patient...
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    Wiki Well Woman Exams

    I am billing for a 99396 for this patient. Looks like she was also seen for cyst in a different office and told to see a GYN. The doctor reported a negative UA. Do I still need to charge for that or is that included in a well woman exam?
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    Wiki Pap outside Preventive Visit

    I know this question has been brought up multiple times, but this situation is a little different: A new patient presents for an annual exam in December. She states she would like to defer the pap until she gets records from her old OBGYN. She thinks she is not due for one yet. We still billed...
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    Wiki Billing E/M code for preventive exam

    Since Medicaid (Alaska) will not cover preventive exams for patients over 20 years old, is it appropriate to bill an E/M code for these visits? Thanks!
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    Wiki Preventive Care and Home Visits

    I have a well child home visit due to the child having cerebral palsy. Would you bill this as a home visit or as a preventive well child visit? Also, they do not document why the patient cannot leave the house, however, it is documented that the patient has cerebral palsy, has homebound...
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    Wiki Mod 25 on Preventive w a Procedure?

    Crikey I must be having a Friday brain fart...can't find a definitive answer...not trusting myself... Patient seen for 99396 P/E + 69209 done to remove impacted wax found (No other E/M codes). I can add Mod 25 to the P/E because of the procedure, right? I need to do that, right? Agree or...