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    Question Outpatient Nurse visits

    Can nurse visits be rendered and billed under standing orders, when the standing orders is generic to all patients dependent on fixed criteria? For example, any patient that comes in with diabetes can be seen by a RN for diabetes education (including glucose), without being referred specifically...
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    Question Mental health codes primary diagnosis in family practice setting.

    I was recently told that in the family practice setting mental health diagnosis can never be primary because the insurance will always deny, in this case Medicare. Has anyone had this same experience? There are times when the patient is coming in for a 3 month visit to only address med refills...
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    Z79.899 Coding long term meds

    Hi everyone, I'm just looking for some additional clarification on billing Z79.899. I always thought you bill Z79.899 whenever a patient has a long term medication that does not have a more specific code (ie insulin, warfarin, metformin etc) However, I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that...
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    Question Trying to find a new primary care billing system

    Our clinic is a combined mental health and primary care clinic. The EHR we are currently using (Carelogic) does not work well with the primary care clinic so we are trying to find a system that would make primary care billing easier. Our clinic is small and only has 2 primary care providers. We...
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    Primary Care - Annual Wellness Visits

    Hello all! Would someone mind sharing input on their experiences of additional services that can be billed (and be paid for) the same day as the annual wellness visits? With Medicare, I know that transitional care services can be billed separately if performed. One of our providers has tried...