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    Wiki Can you bill an E/M (LOS) instead of a minor procedure?

    Hello, I am doing research on what types of procedures are NOT significantly separate and are typically performed as part of an exam. So far my research has led me to the following types of services that a LOS is billed instead of the procedure: 1. Pap smears when a patient presents with...
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    Wiki Correcting Codes

    I work in a practice where the providers do all of the coding before its signed off on, occasionally they look over small errors such as duplicate codes or incorrect codes. Do the providers have to make the addendum to correct those errors or am I as an office manager able to make that addendum...
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    Wiki C-Spine Clearance?

    Hello, I am currently waiting on sitting for my CPC-A certification in late August and at the moment I am working as a trauma & burn registrar. With that information I don't think my question will be too odd. Is there a procedure code for a C-Spine Clearance? I have not seen one or anything...