1. K

    Wiki UPT Lab Pre-Procedure

    Patient has Glucose or UPT (pregnancy test) prior to procedure in ASC (POS 24)- Can this be billed on either prof or facility claim for procedure?
  2. K

    Wiki ASC Moderate Sedation

    Billing for both ASC (POS 24) as well as professional/MD: Moderate sedation (99152, 99153) was performed in the ASC, and I understand that it is included in the ASC pricing for primary procedure and should not be included on the facility claim however, my question is, could 99152 billed on the...
  3. 3

    Wiki CPC-A with proven relevant skills seeking F/T position in Miami, FL An experienced professional who passed the CPC certification exam on the first try, I am seeking a new career in medical coding with an outstanding organization and can be reached at or 786-400-5967. My prior work experience (complex...
  4. S

    Wiki new patient vs. established patient visits after a pratice buy out

    We have a group practice (group A), pain management specialty, wanting to buy out a single Dr practice (practice B), also pain management specialty. The group practice (A) wants to know if they will be able to charge new patient visits on the single Dr practice's (B) established patients after...
  5. P

    Wiki Help with billing Capsule Endoscopy

    Hello fellow AAPC members. We had to let our biller go a few weeks ago and have been struggling to pick up where she left off. I have to bill the following and I am not sure how to prepare the claim. 1. a Capsule Endoscopy done in the hospital - Professional fee only. 2. A Capsule Endoscopy...
  6. V

    Wiki CPC, CPMA - Looking for a remote medical coding/auditing position.

    Valerie Bates-Hoff, CPC, CPMA Certified Professional Medical Coder/Auditor Looking for a remote medical coding/auditing position. Summary CPC Certified Professional Coder, CPMA Certified Professional Medical Auditor (AAPC) I am an experienced abstract medical coder ICD-10 proficient...
  7. carelitz

    Wiki Billed Date: Date of Service or Date Read?

    Hello! I am billing for a cardiologist that reads ECHO reports in the hospital. Therefore we bill the professional component using (93306, 93308) -26. Should the billed date be the date the ECHO was performed or the date that our doctor read the ECHO? Thanks!
  8. P

    Wiki Documentation Requirements to bill professional component for Cardiac Device Eval

    Does anyone know where I can find what documentation is required to support the billing of the professional component of a cardiac device evaluation?
  9. S

    Wiki Professional CPC for Busy Radiology and Pathology Office

    We are seeking a professional CPC for our Radiology and Pathology Professional Billing and Coding Office. This position is Full-time and would be Temporary, however may lead to a permanent position. We are located in Stroudsburg Pa. and would like to have an in house coder, but will consider...
  10. B

    Wiki Radiology Billing

    Please help!!! I am a coder/biller for a new family practice clinic. We are doing x-rays in the office. Here is my question: So we are doing the x-ray in the office, we then send them to an outside radiologist to be read, however will be billing for both the technical and the professional...