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Please help!!! I am a coder/biller for a new family practice clinic. We are doing x-rays in the office. Here is my question: So we are doing the x-ray in the office, we then send them to an outside radiologist to be read, however will be billing for both the technical and the professional component and then the radiologist service will bill us $$ per x-ray that they read.

Example: John Doe comes in with ankle pain after a fall. Dr orders an x-ray of the ankle. How should I bill this??

73600 TC
73600 TC,26

Keep in mind, we are doing the technical component in office, sending out for professional component but the radiologist service is billing us for the professional component not the insurance...
You would bill Globally (73600 with no modifier) if same TIN is used for billing both technical and professional.
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I agree with the coding King and would like to add: If you are billing Medicare and utilize mid- level providers please review Medicare regulations, in New York State we must split Xray, billing the mid-level with 26 modifier and supervising physician with TC.