1. Ceci22coder

    Wiki Coding Radiology Reports in the Ed Facility Setting

    Hi everyone, I’m in need of some assistance and clarification. There has been different information in my facility on whether we are allowed to pick up radiology diagnoses that’s is reported from the radiology report. For ex from a X-ray, MRI, U/S and or CT in the ED facility setting. Some...
  2. A

    Wiki Needing Fluro/ Xray education

    I bill for a ASC, and am needing more guidance regarding coding for fluroscopy and x-rays. Can someone direct me to an educational website or the guidelines that apply to ASCs? Thank you
  3. M

    Wiki X-Ray modifiers

    Hello, We are a family practice clinic with Digital X-ray equipment. We also send the x-rays out for reading and we pay the fee to the radiologist. How should we be coding the claim to get reimbursed for both the Technical Component and the Professional Component? i.e.: 72100 X-RAY EXAM OF...
  4. G

    Wiki Help Needed! Coding off EKG & X-Rays

    I have read where coders aren't allowed to code off the EKG or x-ray report and we can only code the diagnosis after it's been read by the treating physician. Example: Dr. A, who is a Cardiologist, reads an EKG in the ER. He states in his report, the patient has an AV paced rhythm with a...
  5. N

    Wiki x-ray medical necessity

    A hip x-ray was performed and a diagnosis obtained. However, in the chief complaint and the HPI there is only mention of the patient's knee. Is this a medical necessity issue? The patient technically came in for his knee so is the x-ray of the hip allowed to be billed? Thank you.
  6. S

    Wiki Nurse practitioner and X-rays

    I'm a new biller, working at a new urgent care clinic. We have 2 nurse practitioners who have been administering and reading x-rays. Our doctors who are supervising (but not actually in the building), our NPs, and our office manager all believe that the NPs are able to read the x-rays. However...
  7. M

    Wiki 71045 and 74018

    Has anyone noticed with the new for 2018 chest and abdomen x-ray single view codes that they hit a bundling edit? There is a CCI edit based on "HCPCS/CPT procedure code definition". It does say a modifier can be used, but we're still thinking the edit is in error as these are 2 distinct body...
  8. J

    Wiki Standing knee (73565) and 2 views one knee (73560)

    When a patient has both a standing knees xray (73565) and then an additional 2 views of right knee (73560), I know that you would combine the views for the right knee creating 73562-RT. However, do you then also bill 73560-59-LT for the left knee?? -Julie
  9. E

    Wiki Entire spine x-rays vs individual codes for c spine, t spine and l spine

    I was wondering if anyone had information regarding billing the entire spine X-ray codes vs billing the individual codes for C-spine, T-spine and L-spine X-rays? Our radiology practice normally codes each body part separate, unless they are performing the scoliosis study. Is there any specified...
  10. T

    Wiki Data Points for Soft Read X-rays

    Hello everyone! I work for a PCP office and there's a little confusion about how to count MDM data points for a soft-read of an x-ray. Should we count 1 point for the order and 2 points for the review? Or do we not count the review since it's a soft-read (another facility does the final review...
  11. S

    Wiki Nephrostomy tube removal under fluoro

    I code for a hospital. We have cases where the doctor removes a nephrostomy tube under fluoroscopic guidance. Can we bill anything for this service? I am being advised we can bill for the fluoro, 76000 or for a nephrostogram, 50431 or is there an e/m charge that as the hospital (not the...
  12. R

    Wiki Need assistance on ER leveling.

    Case #1.. Patient came in with final DX of strain of muscle/fascia on lower back. Complete HPI, ROS and Exam. physician did x-ray and prescribed Norco q6 PRN. (not admitted) They recommend 99284 code , as I was thinking it was just 99282 or 99283? Case#2.. Final Dx: Contusion Left Hip...
  13. B

    Wiki Radiology Billing

    Please help!!! I am a coder/biller for a new family practice clinic. We are doing x-rays in the office. Here is my question: So we are doing the x-ray in the office, we then send them to an outside radiologist to be read, however will be billing for both the technical and the professional...
  14. C

    Wiki Merchant view knee x-ray

    Just curious what code should be used for the Merchant view knee x-ray. We had been using 73565, as it is one film of both knees. We are now questioning ourselves as that specifically states standing, AP view. Should it actually be 73560, since it is only one film? Or 73560-50 since it is one...
  15. J

    Wiki Airspace Disease in a chest x-ray

    Hello, I am having trouble finding the correct ICD-9 code for some chest x-rays that indicate airspace disease. Our electronic coder points to 516.9 (Unspecified alveolar and paretoalveolar pneumopathy), but I can not confirm that by any entry in the index. I am also considering 518.89. I am...