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    15734-52 vs 49561-22

    My surgeon has been doing a lot of complex ventral incisional hernias. He is mobilizing the rectus musculature (the rectus muscle was then mobilized toward the midline by elevation of the subcutaneous skin flaps to near the lateral aspect of the rectus sheath. Relaxing incisions were NOT...
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    Studying for Family Practice Certification

    I am interested in sitting for the CFPC credential, but where I currently work does not bill Medicare. I was looking at the overview on what the test consists of and knowing the rules and regulations of Medicare billing is listed. I am unsure if just reading over the guidelines would be...
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    Documentation Requirements to bill professional component for Cardiac Device Eval

    Does anyone know where I can find what documentation is required to support the billing of the professional component of a cardiac device evaluation?
  4. M

    Coding & ROS

    I have a question on whether you can use elements from ROS for your exam components? For example, the documentation has 12 elements in ROS and there are only 7 elements in the EXAM component - can you use elements from ROS in the EXAM component to get a comprehensive level? I was always taught...
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    CPT 77280 bundled with 77301

    We received notice that simple sims 77280 are now going to be bundled into the APC payment for IMRT planning services. Are we to take it that the professional component is also bundled as we can still bill the professional component of the imaging 77014,26 but not the technical side?
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    Wiki 2015 Tomosythesis Codes

    Is it appropriate to charge CAD (CPT 77051) along with the 77061 and 77062? There is a CCI edit that says that CPT 77052 is a component of the tomosythesis codes but it does not indicate that 77051 is? Anyone know??
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    Wiki Radiology Billing

    Please help!!! I am a coder/biller for a new family practice clinic. We are doing x-rays in the office. Here is my question: So we are doing the x-ray in the office, we then send them to an outside radiologist to be read, however will be billing for both the technical and the professional...
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    Component separation in hernia repairs

    Anyone have recommendations for coding component separation [with Alloderm onlay etc] in complex ventral hernia repairs? Thanks!
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    Component Separation in hernia repair

    Anyone out there have recommendations on coding component separation in complex ventral hernia repairs? Thanks