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    Wiki PRP Injection w/tenotomy - code separately?

    Good Morning, Does anyone know if a PRP injection can be coded separately from a tenotomy? If so, do you have any sources on this? I found a CPT Assistant article from May of 2012 which states that PRP can be coded separately with a tibial fracture nonunion repair, however I also found article...
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    Wiki PRP coding

    What is the correct way to bill a lumbar epidural PRP injection or a paraspinal nerve PRP injection? What I am really trying to figure out is would we bill out only 0232T or 62323/64493 or 62323/64493 along with 0232T?
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    Wiki Regenerative Medicine - PRP/Allograft

    Hello All, Thanks in advance for any feedback! I am wondering what your experience has been regarding whether or not it is appropriate to charge a patient for regenerative medicine, eg: PRP, allograft while charging the insurance for the procedure which is typically a facet injection. I need...
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    Wiki PRP Injections

    One of my providers is going to start offering PRP Injections (platelet rich plasma). I understand that there is a Category II code, 0232T, that represents the injection, image guidance, harvesting and prep of the plasma. I also understand that most carriers deem this procedure as...
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    Wiki Prp rvus

    My provider has started doing PRP injections in the office. We are aware that the insurances do not cover 0232T and therefore we cannot find any work RVUs. Can anyone share with me what work RVUs your physicians are being assigned for this procedure? Please and thank you.
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    Wiki Prp injection and ov

    I have a doctor who wants to charge an ov with a PRP injection. The PRP injection was cash pay. Can you still charge the ov with knowing the patient is coming in for the PRP???
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    Wiki New Job, Please Help

    Hello.. PLEASE RESPOND if you can help. Our docs are doing Platelet Rich Plasma injections for epicondylitis, etc.. I know (from reading posts here) that there has been a Cat. III code for this (0232T) effective since July 2010 and that we've been advised to discontinue using the unlisted...