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    77338 with G6015(77418)

    Does anyone know the reason behind the NCCI edit denying 77338 to G6015 (previously 77418)?
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    Immediate need for Radiation Oncology Coder!

    Position: Full Time- Onsite in our Jersey City office or Remote Medical Coder Requirements: AAPC- CPC or equivalent Minimum Experience: 5+ Years in Radiation Oncology Coding Compensation:Based on experience Benefits:Medical, Dental, 401K, Vacation Time & Personal Time off Please send your...
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    Urgently looking for 10 Medical coders for Onsite and Remote coding positions

    Looking For Remote coders for Auditing Physicians Charts. Willing to travel when necessary. • Surgical oncology coder/Auditor for physician services with E&M coding. • Radiation oncology coder for physician services with E&M coding. Responsibilities: • Surgical coder with oncology experience...
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    Radiation Treatment Planning

    My Neurosurgeon did therapeutic radiology treatment planning with a Radiation Oncologist (different tax ID's). He won't be doing Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Can I bill CPT 77263 for his treatment planning? I'm very new at this and would appreciate any suggestions.
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    Suggestions for coding the Frieburg Flap High Dose Radiation delivery method

    Hello all, I am looking for insight on how to code the Frieburg Flap high dose radiation delivery method. Here is the general info: DX: C50.412 (Breast cancer) Treatment: Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (CPT G6015/77385) for 30 treatments then a surface boost phase at the end using the...
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    Radiation Oncology Billing Changes

    Where would I go to find all the Radiation Oncology Billing changes for 2016?
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    Radiation management CPT® code 77427

    How to bill radiation oncologist for the radiation management CPT® code 77427 . For weekly services 2 fractions = 3 fractions = 5 fractions = 7 fractions = 8 fractions = 10 fractions = 2 additional fraction during week = 3 additional fraction during week = Regards Manish Kumar
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    Looking for Billing information for Radiation Oncology CPT 77427

    I am new to radiation oncology and would like to get some opinions on how you are billing the code 77427? The system that was put in place prior to my working in this facility is that it is automatically dropped after the 5th fraction and billed on that date. There is no "through" date. From...
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    Argon Plasma Coagulation

    I need a CPT code for Argon Plasma Coagulation of Radiation Proctitis. The only code I can locate is 45190 which is for the destruction of a tumor in the rectum. I think there must be a more accurate code...Thanks for any assistance:)
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    Inpatient vs Outpatient e/m code in a Radiation Oncology Center

    I work for a large corporation in the Northwest. We have a Radiation Oncology Center which is a 'stand alone' facility. We have patients who are admitted to the hospital and while in the hospital are referred to the Radiation Oncology Center to discuss treatment options. They do NOT discharge...