1. K

    Wiki 62311 vs 64483

    I have a physician that request 62311 but does 64483 and i have received numerous denials for no authorization and now I have received several request for take backs for no authorization. I am unclear of the difference of these two codes and what to do???
  2. S

    Coc exam - What is the problem

    Hi any one help me i written my coc exam last month (01/23/16)... But still now my result page shows received only... What is the problem... What should i do... Anyone please tell me....
  3. ljones88

    New CPT codes being denied by commercial carriers

    Hi all, We recently came across a few claims denials with Coventry. They are denying 92537 and 92538 as non-covered. Of course we have reached out to our provider reps to inquire when Coventry will have their systems updated but we are still pending a response from them. For now, we're sending...
  4. K

    Centene corp & american express

    We recently received a letter from Centene corp saying that all suppliers had to change to being paid by AMEX. Does anybody know anything about this? I can't tell if it's a scam or not?
  5. H

    Wiki Question about chapter 21 in the ICD-10

    We will be starting a travel clinic here at the University and one of our providers was given a list of diagnosis's to use for different vaccines. I can't find them in any coding book for the ones we give now we use Z23. The list she received has codes Z24-Z29.9. Does anyone know anything...
  6. S

    Wiki HUMANA VS Well visits and immunizations

    Help, I have tried speaking with customer service and have now had to send a request to high up contacts. Has anyone noticed that Humana stopped paying for the Well visit when the patients have immunizations. They can give me no information on this. I've ran the codes and they do receive any...
  7. M

    Interventional Procedures

    Our vascular physicians have been told that they can bill for attempted angioplasty/stent placement. We have received conflicting information as to whether we can bill for this or not and what modifier is appropriate...52 or 53? Anyone doing this?? Thanks.