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    Wiki ICD 10 coding for Rectal pain?

    Hello, I work at outpatient hospital at cedars for pain injections. I have a ganglion impar block and the Dx in the notes is - rectal pain. What would be the proper ICD code for rectal pain?
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    Wiki Rectal Admin of Tylenol

    Does anybody know of the appropriate HCPCS code for Tylenol administered rectally to a child? I searched and could not find anything. Thank you in advance, Leslie Pou CPC, CPCO, CPMA, CRC, CEMC, CFPC, RH-EMA
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    Wiki Oversew of anorectal ulceration

    Hello, all. I'm hoping someone can assist as the only thing I can come up with is an unlisted code. Any insight would be appreciated..... Preoperative Diagnosis: Rectal bleeding Postoperative Diagnosis: Anorectal ulceration Description: The patient was seen at bedside with bleeding from the...
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    Wiki transanal endoscopic resection of rectal mass with a twist

    Has anyone ever heard of your doc doing a transanal endoscopic resection of a rectal mass or polyp (45171 or 45172) but also came in laparscopically? I am thinking I will need an unlisted code but I was wondering if anyone else had ever come across this? Procedure notes: first co surgeon...