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    Fracture and dislocation treatment

    Does anyone know if we can code a closed reduction of both a fracture AND dislocation at the same site? It looks like the codes I am considering are not bundled, but I'm still not sure if it is technically correct to report both... The doctor dictated a closed reduction and percutaneous...
  2. J

    Fracture Manipulation and Surgery

    we had a patient with a displaced distal phalanx fracture which was manipulated in the office and then scheduled for surgery for the next week. can we bill for the manipulation or just the ov/xr/splinting?
  3. K

    Nasal reduction

    One of my ER providers documented that he reduced a nasal bone fracture, he did not use forceps or anything. Can I use 21315 with modifier 52??
  4. B

    Radius/ulna shaft fx

    Please help. I need advice on what would be best way to report the followng: Pt had radius/ulna shaft fx, md tried closed reduction w/manipulation on radius and ulna, reduction on radius failed but ulna fx treatment was successful. Md had to switch to an orif to treat radius shaft fx. What is...
  5. D

    Radius Fracture

    We saw a patient who was in the ER where they reduced his radius. When he came into our office the radius was still displaced. The dr had to do a post reduction. Is this billed separately or part of the fracture care? thanks :-)
  6. C

    Breast reduction on contralateral breast

    We have a patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her right breast and Medicare paid for the right breast reconstruction. Medicare denied 19318-LT, the left breast reduction which was needed to make the breasts symmetrical. Diagnoses for left breast are: Macromastia & Breast Asymmetry...
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    Please advise......

    I need help with an orthopedic surgery. Please advise if the following codes are appropriate for the operative note listed: 24579, 25607-51, 64721-51 PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Fractured distal right radius (extraarticular), and fracture of anterior aspect of trochlea of right elbow. PROPOSED...