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    Medically Necessary Contact Fit and Materials

    Trying to figure out the best way to bill and receive reimbursement for scleral contact lenses. My doctor wants to use 92313 with H18.59 diagnosis, but Medicare allowable reimbursment is only $90.71. With contact lenses the total charge will be $2500.
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    Fibroscan billing

    I have a couple questions that I will be posting in this threat. For Medicare purposes only I am in Jurisdiction F. We have been doing FibroScans and then one of the providers interprets them weekly. I have been billing 91200 and M26. I have noticed that Medicaid does not like when a...
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    revenue cycle management, medical biller/collector, coder

    Mature medical biller looking for a position as a A/R specialist/collector. Many years experience of collection of A/R, correcting codes, modifiers, appeals and getting reimbursements on denied codes. Navigates with ease on all insurance websites. Have experience with Oculi-plastic...
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    drug codes

    Does anyone bill for drugs visipaque 270 or Isovue 250 if so what hcpcs code would you use and how would I find out reimbursements. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.