1. N

    Question Billing excision and repair different days, different provider, same practice.

    We have a plastic surgeon in our practice who does closures for other providers sometimes. In the scenario in question, provider A did an excision of malignant lesion face on Monday. Set for planned closure with provider B the very next day. Provider B determined simple repair. Is this...
  2. G

    Question Lesion w/repair

    Need help with a lesion excision w/repair 3 coders each with a different take: Punch biopsy done at previous visit pt came in for lesion excision. As you can see we have all interpreted the guidelines a little differently so we are hoping to get some clarification. Thank you DX C44.91 (A)...
  3. KStaten

    Question Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair with Arthroscopic Shoulder Procedures... Possible to Bill?

    Hello Everyone, I know this is a repeated question that frequently finds its way on this forum (apologies)... but, as with many coding scenarios, there seem to be mixed answers / solutions. Or, perhaps, I am misinterpreting it, which is also entirely possible. From what I have read, the...
  4. K

    Question Vaginal Cyst excision with posterior repair

    MD describes this procedure as a vaginal cyst excision with posterior repair. This looks like more than just a 57135 and assuming the repair would be included in the procedure. How would you code this?? The hymenal ring was identified and grasped with two Allis clamps at the 7 and 5 o'clock...
  5. M

    Please help- Mitral valve repair converted to Mitral valve replacement (33430 & 33425)

    Hi all, How would you code a MEDI-CAL claim for a Mitral valve repair that was converted to a Mitral valve replacement? I just wanted to know which of the two would be primary and the correct modifiers to append. Thank you! :) 33430-AG, 22 33425-51,52,59 OR 33425-AG,52 33430-22,51,59
  6. J

    Need Guidance on When Wound Closure Codes Reportable with Exploration Codes

    Hello, I'm still new to coding and am finding it difficult to know when wound closure is separately reportable from wound exploration (and when it isn't). For example, I had a neck stabbing that required exploration and a complex closure, and I was told to report 20100 for exploring the wound...
  7. N

    Interpolation Flap--documentation requirements. Is this enough

    Hello, Wondering about this closure documentation. This scenario is for MOHS, for BCC on the right helix, with closure same day, this is all on one note. At first, all it said was "Closure, Interpolation repair." Then it was corrected to say the following: "Because of the size, location, and...
  8. L

    Help with Infrarenal adbominal aortic aneurysm repair

    Please help with coding this surgery, thanks POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Complex infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm with highly angulated neck, short neck, and tortuous iliac arteries. * OPERATION PERFORMED: Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm with open femoral exploration...
  9. J

    Endoscopic Brow Lift

    Hi Everyone , I am new to plastic Surgery coding and I have a case where my doctor did a endoscopic brow lift. What CPT Code would be most appropriate for this procedure. I looked around some thread at some said 67999 or 67900. If I were to put the unlisted procedure what codes would be...
  10. K


    Hi! I work at a Dermatology office as their Coding Specialist. I'm posting a charge for an excision of a Lipoma with the code 27618. My co-worker seems to think an intermediate repair is included in this code? But I was going to post a charge for 12032. I can't find the guidelines on whether...
  11. R

    AAA repair using 2 'extension' devices only - Please Help!

    I wanted to get input from other vascular coders as to how you would code an endo-AAA repair in which the physician used 2 typical ‘extension’ pieces to overlap and create an aortic only stent…”initial aortic device ends just proximal to the aortic bifurcation” and “the proximal portion of the...
  12. N

    floppy eyelid syndrome

    Looking for a good code for floppy eyelid syndrome. All I can come up with is H02.89 "other disorders of the eyelid" Any suggestions?
  13. H

    Hernia repair with Amyand Hernia - & Appendectomy

    Hello, Our physician performed an "incarcerated right inguinal hernia repair;" his report indicates the patient had a rare Amyand hernia which is an inguinal hernia with the presence of an appendix. He said to bill for the hernia repair and appendectomy. I was wondering if anyone else has...
  14. K

    CPT code for facial repairs of muscles

    Hi all. I recently started coding for a plastic surgeon who does a lot of facial repairs after trauma. A lot of these repairs including suturing one or more muscles. Would you use the complex integumentary repair codes for these? Thank you!:confused:
  15. R

    Chondroplasty PCS- repair or excision?

    Hello everyone! I am taking the General PCS code set online program and one of my practice questions is a chondroplasty. I read through the report and selected the root operation "excision". But my answer sheet coded it to "repair". Can anyone explain how and where I went wrong with my...
  16. K

    Documentation support an arthroscopic Labral repair?

    Help please as shoulders can still confuse me...... Do you feel this documentation support billing a 29806 for an arthroscopic Labral repair? "The labrum was not intact anteriorly.......I freed up the anterior labrum. The inferior root was intact. I placed 2 Biomet juggernot anchors along the...
  17. K

    How to code for discontinues surgery

    During a recent attempt to perform a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, it was found that the trocar had perforated the bowel. A general surgeon was called in for consult, the hysterectomy was discontinued and the general surgeon proceeded with a bowel repair. Should I still bill 58571 with a...
  18. S

    E&M and Procedure

    I would like your opinion on this, please. Pt. walks into the clinic with a laceration due to a fall. Pt. is seen by the doctor for a laceration repair. Doctor also discusses past medical history, patient's current medication--is something off with meds that led to the fall, how is the...
  19. C

    Help with bundling issue

    I have the attached op note for a incarcerated umbilical hernia repair w/ a small bowel perforation. I coded it as 49587. My physicians wants to also charge for the repair of perforation. To me that would be bundled, am I over thinking this? Can I charge for both and if so what code would I add...
  20. hcg

    Need help for Repair of Colovaginal and Colovesical Fistula

    I'm trying to find a code for repair of colovaginal and colovesical fistula. But the codes would lead me to closure of rectovaginal fistula (57300 - 57308) and closure of rectovesical fistula (45800, 45805). Any suggestions? Every help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. O

    CPT for bone marrow aspiration and injection for meniscus repair ??

    Physiian repaired the meniscus. After that, he aspirated some bone morrow and injected into the meniscus repair. I have never seen that done before. Is there a code for this procedure? Is it separately reported or part of the meniscus repair? Any ideas ???
  22. E

    CPT code for repair of AV fistula pseudoaneurysm

    Would like some feedback and thoughts on coding for this procedure please. My original thought was to use cpt 35011 for repair of the aneurysm but the aneurysm is actually inside the fistula and wasn't sure if that makes a difference. TIA!
  23. O

    Sherri, CPC-Hope everyone

    Good afternoon! Hope everyone had a great holiday season!!! I am trying to code this procedure...:Endovascular repair of Type I endo leak... he had a previous AAA repair 1 year prior... Any suggestions? Thanks
  24. C

    suture repair

    Patient had a suture repair of a small opening in the apical upper lobe mechanical pleurodesis, , would cpt code code cpt code 32650 be the right choice ?
  25. A

    Cleft Palate Repair coding

    A patient came in and had a cleft palate repair with bone graft, fistula repair, close nasal floor and a bone marrow harvest. The CDR for the CPT code for the cleft palate repair, 42210, talks about how the "physician harvests bone from the hip or skull and closes the surgically created wound."...
  26. C

    Plantar Plate Repair

    I've seen multiple threads about CPT coding for plantar plate repair done in conjunction with a Weil osteotomy, in which most people suggest using an unlisted code, while some recommend using 28313 or 28200. Does anyone have any professional articles or references related to coding a plantar...
  27. F

    Episiotomy repair and hymenal ring repair

    I'm not familiar with this procedure. My diagnosis are dyspareunia, gaping introitus and previous episiotomy repair pain. An episiotomy repair and hymenal ring repair were done. I'm getting an edit that my procedure isn't likely with my diagnosis. My diagnosis are: N94.1, N81.89 and G89.18...
  28. C

    Repair of Excision on Cutaneous Lip

    I have an old note on which I had written that when a complex repair is on the cutaneous (rather than vermillion) lip, it must be coded as repair of face (1313x) rather than repair of lip (1315x), because the "lip" for coding purposes only includes the vermillion. However, when I looked at the...
  29. M

    Coding Complex Repair- Using Add On Code

    I'm coding complex repair of the arm and the amount of area that has been repaired is 26 cm so wondering if I would code that as: 13121, 13122 x 5 units or would I use the add-on code 13122 (ea additional 5 cm or less) 5 different times? The insurance company is United HealthCare. Thanks!
  30. W


    does anyone have experience coding z-plasty? Please contact me at I have a physician that documented he did a z-plasty on a traumatic laceration repair. There is some confusion as to whether it actually is a z-plasty or a complex laceration repair. I have never coded...