1. Ceci22coder

    Wiki Coding Radiology Reports in the Ed Facility Setting

    Hi everyone, I’m in need of some assistance and clarification. There has been different information in my facility on whether we are allowed to pick up radiology diagnoses that’s is reported from the radiology report. For ex from a X-ray, MRI, U/S and or CT in the ED facility setting. Some...
  2. D

    Wiki Medial meniscus tears

    I'm billing for the radiologist for an MRI knee and the diagnosis given is medial and lateral meniscal tears. The report doesn't say anything about an injury so I don't think I can use the diagnosis codes S83.241A? Correct? The report must state injury or current injury to use these diagnosis...
  3. M

    Wiki IHC staining confusion (88342, 88344) - please help!

    Could someone please help me with this? The pathology report supports ONE specimen. The report states "IHC stains are performed with appropriate controls & reveal strong & diffuse positivity for CK5/6, CALRETININ, & WT-1 (Nuclear). Focal positive staining is seen for CK 7, MOC31, & BEREP4. The...
  4. M

    Wiki Category II codes

    I know these codes are optional, but I am interested in learning more about when to report them. I'd appreciate hearing about anyone's experience.
  5. M

    Wiki PQRS in ED

    I know PQRS will be changing in the next coming years. But I wanted to see what PQRS codes other ED's report to CMS.
  6. Y

    Wiki Z02.89 to report something done but not send by a claim.

    Hi: Somebody could help me with this? I have a doubt regarding Z02.89 use. It is an encounter for administrative purpose. Can I use it to report a HEDIS measure performed but not reported to Health Plan? i.e. A pt had an eye exam for Diabetic retinopathy screening, the report is in the chart...
  7. D

    Wiki Coding charges dm

    What is the ongoing rate for coding diagnostic radiology per report?
  8. D

    Wiki Ent and audiology and medical decision making

    I have a physician who sees a patient, sends them to the onsite audiologist and then the patient comes back to see the physician again (all on the same visit, has never left the office). The physician reads the printed audiology report from the machine showing hearing levels,etc. (not the...
  9. K

    Wiki Nasal Endoscopy Rejection

    I am Sarith Kalikkot working as a ENT Coder in Middle East, I am getting rejection for Nasal Endoscopy Procedure for past few months. DIAGNOSTIC ENDOSCOPIC REPORT  Thickening of mucosal lining of nasal cavity, pale in appearance with moderate congestion.  Moderate hypertrophied L inferior...
  10. S

    Wiki Event monitor question

    one of our doctor's is asking us if we need a daily report for event monitors or is one report with a summary and conclusion enough?
  11. C

    Wiki Distal Fibular Fracture ICD10

    there is a discussion re: distal fibular fracture ICD10 coding. Pt has a fx repaired of distal fibula. Fx is not in the Fibula shaft. Radiology report and provider's report just states "distal fibula" fx. Is this enough to use the lateral malleous fx ICD10? From an anatomical standing, it seems...
  12. K

    Wiki xrays

    Due to the 2016 CPT changes will x-rays still be allowed to be dictated in the body of the followup/progress note to be charged for or do they have to be a separate report?