risk adjustment coding

  1. EllaC

    Question Based on the documentation what codes would you report?

    NOTE (Tuesday April 2, 2019 03:17 PM) Chief Complaint: Three week recheck, feeling a little better from her sinus surgery. History of Present Illness: is now about 2 weeks status post her sinus surgery and has completed a postoperative course of antibiotics. Her headaches are somewhat better but...
  2. C

    Question Career move from Anesthesia

    I have many years of coding experience in Anesthesia but want to do something different after 20 years I need change. I’ve been remote for several years & plan to continue that but I don’t know much about any other field. I want to feel good about my job and the work I’ve done, like I used to...
  3. D

    Codes DOAC (Direct Oral Anticoagulant) Counseling

    How do you code/bill for DOAC (Direct Oral Anticoagulant) safety counseling with patients? What are the proper codes. I was only able to find codes for warfarin and INR monitoring (93792 & 93793). Thank you!
  4. C

    coding chronic condition icd10 from problem list

    Scenario: Patient comes in for a visit with his FP doc to discuss his chronic cough. The MD just notes the discussion of the cough but the patient has diabetes, HTN, etc in his problem list and he refills his HTN meds and DM meds that day both of which are documented in his note for that day...
  5. R

    Coding for Diabetes with A1C results

    Hello, I have a question in regards to HCC codes. If a patient comes in and the provider states the patient is there to follow up on the DMII, and the provider documented that the patients' A1c levels are @ a 7.1, can the coder then documented Diabetes Type 2 with Hyperglycemia, or does the...
  6. A

    The new CRC course

    I am looking for more information regarding the new CRC course. I read the syllabus, so I know what will be taught in the course. I am wanting to know more about how is risk adjustment used in the healthcare industry? Examples about what someone with this certification would do on a regular...